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World’s Most Expensive Men’s Suits

Always the ladies’ apparel, accessories from, and the costs, we’re talking about. But men Have you ever thought? Important and special days, we ladies enter into a feverish work, and we start looking for clothes. We also said also: “The selection of men easy, wear a suitis enough” he. But you should not forget that there are many alternatives for men too.

How much is important for a woman to wear the clothes, it is important for a man. According to the impression to be demonstrated, there is need to choose suit. Also team suits, jackets, trousers, shirts, and the ties, you are wrong if you think that occur. At least, for ladies until gentlemen, there is an alternative. Italian cut, sports cut, classic cut, narrow cut and plenty cuts, like many other cut increasing the kinds of suits. Of course, the colors and combinations, shoes, and other accessories, as there are fine details. Determines the suit he wore a man’s image. Charisma, macho, giving you the confidence, playboy, fashion enthusiasts, and most importantly, well-groomed, confident, men models. Also all by them, of course, there are different kinds of suits. We ladies, we wear clothing that reflects ourselves, gentlemen likewise, they feel comfortable in their own by wearing suits their mood. Therefore ‘just a suit, “he thought to Do not underestimate. I’ll talk soon that especially suits, and saw the price. Have a car until expensive suits. Because harmony brought along the luxurious life, the world’s leading design brand, rich businessmen, celebrities, world leaders, for designing special suits. This luxury living to comply, and in order to wear as required by the statute, designed the most expensive men’s suits in the world:

Brioni Vanquish II

43 thousand dollars, which suits you actually seen before.Where? The 1995 James Bond film Golden Eye. Bond wore the suits for this film to, this 43 thousand dollar suits designer dress, the Italian luxury clothier, the brand Brioni Vanquish II. Vanquish II, similar to mohair, cashmere, which is a type of qivuik, pashmina, and buff, including, mixtures consisting of the world’s rare fibers, using the fabric. This suit with handmade is done once a year, and is used in white gold stitching.

Ermenegildo Zenga

Ermenegildo Zenga makes a suit of Orders Over suits for 22 thousand dollars. Italian designers over many years, the men’s fashion has created the world’s enviable design. Fine, precise tailoring of, and the best fabrics in the world, made intentionally, the creator of this suit, Ermenegildo Zenga, Italy, has one of the elite fashion house. In 1910, Italy, in Trivero, provides services for more than 100 years.

Ermenegildo Zenga, Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and names such as Tom Ford suit is designing. 22 thousand dollars of this suit, was produced by the fourth generation of the family Zenga and implementing fine workmanship of 700 different factories.

Wood Record in Struggle for Suits

28 thousand dollars, to be the suit, the sponsor of this competition, the world’s best cashmere producer, Loro Piana. Now, Loro Piana name, Luigi and Sergio Loro Piana, is known by the brothers.

The two brothers, for this contest is held every year, is designing the best suits. Made designs, the vote, and the best are selected. Then Loro Piana under the brand produced to 50 suit.

Desmond Merrion Supreme

London’s legendary Savile Row tailor, which is the brand, Desmond Merrion, handmade, fine, luxurious, the suit, the price of the fully 47 thousand 500 dollars. Any machine, the design at any stage, suit, touching the, do not allow Merrion, handmade tailoring, is located in the climax.

Kito K – to 50

Since 1968, are interested in men’s suits, designer Italian. A year in order to receive around 22 thousand special suit. Works wonders with around 300 tailors. For a suit, 45 tailors working, and sewing takes 25 hours.

K – to 50 suit full price of 60 thousand dollars. Famous Savile Row, designed by the famous tailor. Woven with wool obtained from the Merinos sheep, made with fabric. Enzo’s making a suit, it takes 50 hours. Therefore, a year, only 50 suit sews.

William Westmancott Ultimate

75 thousand dollar suit the brand manufacturer. Luxury, custom-made suits, spike this brand, ultra-light, and one of the world’s most expensive suit, producing 200 hours. Initially, with the Middle East and Russian boss, dresses, subsequently, successfully and with marketing ploy, spread throughout the world. In addition, this Westmancott only 28 years old.

Zoot Suit

Belonging to the Second World War, the striped Zoot Suit, in 2011, New York, Augusta Auction was fully sold 78 thousand dollars. The host of the auctions, vintage clothing firm, Karen Augusta did. Starting price of only 600 – 900 it was thought in dollars.

Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition

Are you ready to hear the price of this suit? Stuart Hughes Diamond Edition price of the suit exactly 892 thousand 500 dollars. In addition to being exaggerated as a suit, wedding suit looks like. Planted as the suit lasted for exactly 800 hours. Wool, cashmere, silk was used. It also has more than 480 diamonds on the suit

Alexander Amour Vanquish II

Another name in the Vanquish II, Alexander Amosu in. For private and luxurious suit are working order. You need to pay to have 101 thousand 860 dollars. Camelhair, one of the world’s most expensive wool, and using qivuik. All, the suit, using 9 buttons in 18 carat gold and diamonds.

Dormeuil Vanquish II

Dormeuil family company was founded in 1842. Vanquish II factory, the head of the family was founded by Jules Dormeuil, and extremely luxuriousprivate suits, the best British and French fabrics, using, began to be produced. Now if you want to have a Dormeuil Vanquish II suit, exactly need to pay 95 thousand 319 dollars.

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