19 January 2016

Tuxedo Chic for Men

While make your wedding plans, don’t choose a without read our recommendations regarding the selection of a Tux!

One of the most important and exciting days of your life preparing for? Your wedding, your engagement or your choice of a tux for prom night, how am I supposed to do if you started thinking if this article you need to be considered when choosing a small tip of a tuxedo chic for men? We have to what to look for when choosing a tuxedo.

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You must select a tux that fits your body type. As with every suit, tuxedo chic for men, according to your choice of body type, you must make a choice. For example, if you are overweight, use two-button Tuxedo of your preference. Make sure that necessarily narrow part of your pants. If you do not have a weight problem and have an athletic body, a single-button tuxedo, we guarantee you will look great. Pants should be tight again in your selection cutting is not very long. Tuxedo buttons jacket of the same color and textures we recommend. Check your jacket collar, shawl or pointed collar, satin, it is definitely you prefer will improve your smartness. White jacket tuxedo chic for men is the ideal for the summer months. White jacket and very stylish and you can get a very different weather, but if you are a traditionalist with a classic black Tuxedo if you are sure flashy.

Let’s cut to the chase in a tuxedo Jacket skirt and arm length. Check your jacket should end at the level of your thumb to the length of the skirt, arm’s length must be shorter than normal is that you use in your shirt cuff cufflink difference. Be sure your shirt collar tuxedo, we encourage you to choose it to be. But according to a shirt cuff shirt sleeve parts of one or two inches longer and don’t forget that it should be.

Don’t forget to complement your tuxedo accessories. Keep in mind that little touch of magic is extremely important!

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