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Suit Wearing Tips for Looking Great with Clothes

Therefore various trends and innovations, what is called fashion in men is gaining color through the different interpretations of accepted patterns.  This difference can sometimes find life in a small touch for example small as a ribbon instead of a tie. Meanwhile, here we will try to express suit wearing tips 2019 for looking great with clothes for men.

Men Suit Wearing Tips 2019


The shirt is on the collar! And the shirt is one of the most important pieces since it is worn on both sports and official days. A good shirt must be very well-ironed. The collar should not be wrinkled in the jacket, because they have important duties. While large collars drawing an image, collars that the ends of the button will be more convenient towards the end of the week.

On average, there are 9-10 different types of collar. Usually the catches should be chosen according to your face shape and neck. The pins used to combine the collar tips are both stylish and sporty.

Moreover, for suit wearing tips, the other important element in the shirt is cuffs and coupes. Also, your shirts must not be too big or too tight on your body. However, the two worst images are shirts that draw buttons from the narrow or open sides! Besides, if you use a lever button, you can even use your daily shirts with sports buttons. In addition to that, your shirt sleeves should always be longer than the arms of your jacket and should go out.

Suit Wearing Tips 2019

Therefore, the suit is the only way to add value to a good shirt and a nice tie. And the most important part of the suit is the coupe – cutting style. A medium-quality suit for your body can look much more stylish than a first-class suit that doesn’t fit you. Today, most men on the street wear black or grey suits, white shirts and a trendy tie.

However, being a little open and bold will make you much more noticeable. You feel fashionable, your self-confidence increases as well as your motivation in your business and personal life increases.

Right suit type choosing is also included suit wearing tips 2019 for looking great with clothes. The most common types of suits are British, French, Italian and American. Therefore, the most popular in recent years is the Italian cutting teams.

Further, the vests are a subject that needs to be dealt with in suits. But in recent years, the popularity of male fashion has increased so much that it is worth separating it into a different title. The vests that are usually used in the fabric of the suit can be very stylish with different fabrics when the correct combinations are captured. However, if you do not wear a jacket, both at work and in your daily life, the vests will add a different elegance to you.

Jacket Wearing Tips with Suits

However, some people wear their suit jacket with a jean apart from the pants, that’s wrong. Because jackets for sportive use are different. As a result, every man must have at least one blazer jacket in his closet. In addition to that, you can choose jackets made in different sectors from seasonal fabrics. Above all, jacket is one of the key points of men’s clothing.


Every man who cares about clothing should have at least four different color shoes in his closet. A pair of moccasin, derby (also known as molyer) and Richelieu (also known as Oxford) model shoes must be in black, brown, tan and navy colors.

My advice to those who want to wear their suits with rubber shoes is that they prefer thin and elegant rubber shoes instead of large-volume sports shoes.


Tie is the easiest way to express yourself. Also, it’s a sign of elegance and self-confidence. You can find all kinds of neckties. Oscar Wilde says, “The first step in life is a well-connected tie.” So, today there are 800 different types of tie. The favorite is half the Windsor knot.


For a man in a suit, the hardest thing is to choose his coat. You prefer to get a little above or a little below the end of the knee cover models. If your body is suitable for narrow, so flat cut models should use. However, when you’re not wearing a jacket, you can wear classic Barbour jackets or trench coat on your shirt.


The most popular models of sweaters are V collars, round collars, straight collars and robes. For insrtance, wool or cashmere will be the right choices. And you should definitely not wear steep collars into a suit. When you wear sweaters, you should use more sports and thick fabric jackets, and you should be careful that your pants are more sport than other fabrics. Otherwise, it’s only a matter of time before you look like a high school uniform.

Accessories for suit wearing tips

Your accessories also will enrich your outfit and complement your chic. Therefore, ,t is very important that you choose the right accessories suit wearing tips 2019 for looking great with clothes according to the color of your clothes and where you are going. In addition, your belt must be (!) your shoes must match the color and skin.  If possible, you’ll have to get a suit. If you do not have a belt suitable for your shoe, instead of using a different belt, choose not to wear any belts.

Let your necktie contrast with your tie. But the patterns or colors have to complement each other. They say that a handkerchief is also a symbol of man’s self-confidence. Men who don’t use neckties are said to be shy. Kerchief should be selected in accordance with the jacket or shirt.

It’s true we’re in a more liberal era about the color of socks. But it’s just about the color. What we’re not free about is the size of the stockings! Besides, men’s socks must be long necessarily. When a man sits down, there’s no such thing as a bad and rude image of his leg from his trousers and his downswing socks.

Moreover, gloves must be leather, black or brown. Also, if you are carrying a bag, you should choose the same color as your bag. On the season, and hats should be chosen according to the S-shape of your head. They shouldn’t be a team in a suit, but they should complement each other. On the other hand, your watch will tell you.

Therefore, even if your watch is not very expensive, you should make sure that it is very high quality and fits your clothing style.

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