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7 Steps to Look Perfect in Suit (2019)

The suit, which represents one of the most important parts of male chic, can have a dizzying effect when chosen by applying the correct rules. Just like the timeless magic pieces that must be found in women’s wardrobes, men also need suit models to save their most special situations.

After finding the suit that suits your body type and style, knowing how to wear and use in the right way requires expertise. Because the suit is a very effective way to leave your signature in the environment you enter.

“Fabric Quality”

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when choosing a suit is the structure of the fabric in which the suit is produced. It is necessary to be careful not to have as much polyester material as possible. Because polyester, glare in sunlight, the suit is poor quality and can show cheap.

For this reason, it is a great advantage for you to choose fabrics made with linen and fiber yarns for summer and the textured fabrics such as wool and tweed for the winter and autumn seasons. Your choice of daily suits for grays, smoke and anthracite colors will give you a more elegant impression than a black suit.

Suits made with black and navy colored fabrics can be preferred for special occasions and evening programs.

“Suit for your body type”

Getting to know your body well is important criterions for 7 steps to look perfect in suits you to get the most accurate results in your choice of men’s suits. If your shoulder is wide and ambitious, your suit jacket may have smaller pads. The shoulder design, which is an important detail for a more natural and chic look, is also closely related to the fit of the shoulder parts of the jacket.

If you have a jacket on your arms when you lift your arms, arms up, a big size jacket should be tried. If you have a slim waist, slim fit designs are for you! Single or 2-button jackets fitting on the body, benefit your elegance to the fore. It is also important to choose the perfect suit if you are sure that the length of your coat is covering your hips.

Long jackets give an elegant and noble look for men of all types.

“Carefully created length settings”

When selecting suits, the perfect alignment of the jacket cuffs and trousers length affects the result. The pants’ length of the suit is long enough to fall on your shoe. Extending to heels can make the image a little shaky.

Therefore, the fact that the pants are well-adjusted is important for a stylish and fit look. When you’re sitting with your pants on, your sock must be too long to show your leg from the trousers.

“Cuff and collar details”

The sleeve cuffs of the shirt you wear inside your jacket are approximately 1,5 cm it must be long out. Longer or shorter can disrupt the appearance of the suit. The collar of your shirt should not be placed under the collar of the jacket and is approximately 1,5 cm between the collar flap.

You can also keep in mind that this is the same size as the sleeve cuff and collar cavity. Jackets with a slim lapel flap are applied to sporty and modern designs, while thicker flap models are applied to classic designs. This way you can choose whether the men’s suit you choose will suit your style.

“Shoe and belt selection”

For men suits, no matter how they have an elegant the design, used accessories, belts and shoes are the most important details for the completion of elegance. Because of this men should care right shoe and belt as our 7 steps to look perfect in suits list.

The most suitable shoes that you can wear underneath the suits are Oxford, Slipper and classic shoes. In addition, Monk Strap style shoes with a buckle design fit perfectly. Your belt selection must be slim and fully matched with your shoe color.

“Button usage”

Dressing suit in a right way affects the look as much as choosing the suit correctly. When standing, only the middle button of your jacket is loose and if you are wearing a two-button jacket, only the top button is closed.

You must always turn your jacket off while sitting; this means that the position of the jacket will not be affected and the button will be loosened. When wearing a 3-button jacket, you can also keep the middle button closed, and the top button can be switched on or off optionally.

“Accessory details”

Small accessories such as tie and collar wipes that embellish suits, have a great impact on the look, so they are also in the list of 7 steps to look perfect in suits. The width of your tie should be equal to the width of your coat flap.

If you are going to use a collar, you should definitely take care not to have the same pattern as your tie. The length of your tie should end just above your belt, and most importantly, the color of your tie should be darker than the color of your suit.