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Men Suits Wearing: 10 Suit Rules That Every Man Should Know

How to dress in a job interview or a first appointment? When you read our content as a guide for everyone, you will learn 10 men suit rules that every man should know when men suits wearing.

Don’t you want to dress up more fashionably? You like to wear suits, but do you think you’re not? Every man suits the suit. If it is used correctly … If you listen to our suggestions, you will literally be like razor blades. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

1. The first of 10 men suit rules – Always wear belts

You must wear a belt in the pants you wear. Avoid choosing unbelted pants. Remember, your belt must match your shoes.

2. Tie – suit combination

The most important weapon of the modern man’s accessories is the tie. So it is included the 10 men suit rules that every man should know. However, most men do not prefer to wear ties. Men who wear ties must make the right choice. When choosing the color and patterns of the tie, you should consider what environments you will wear. Choosing a darker tie than the color of the shirt will make you look more serious. You can choose matte colors in tie selection. Because these colors can adapted to each suits. It is also important to choose the tie in the right size for men suits wearing. You have to choose a tie that ends just above your belt, and you have to wrap around your neck.

3. Fit shirts for 10 men suit rules

There are only two things you should know when choosing your shirt for men suits wearing. One of them is the size of your neck circumference; the other is the length of your arms. It’s simple, isn’t it? Knowing these two measures will help you to choose the shirt that suits you best. So you won’t have to tailor your shirt. The best way to understand that the shirt is seated is on the shoulders. The stitches should sit on your full shoulder. The shirt is wrapped around the body. You should always pay attention to the adjustments in your arms.

4. Choose Your Jacket Right

One of the most important parts of the suit is the jacket. Your jacket must match your body type. It must be neither narrow nor abundant. The shoulder width of the jacket should end at the extreme end of your shoulders and aligned so that it does not fall down. Therefore, your mobility may be restricted. The length of your jacket should end in the same place as the end point of the zip. If your jacket has two buttons, always connect only the button on top. If there are three buttons, you should connect the center.

5. Pay attention to trouser cutting

The waist circumference should not lightly tighten you and should not fall off your waist, even if the pants are unmoved. The back part should be narrow enough to create neither tension nor tension lines. Never put your wallet in the back pocket of your pants. This not only spoils the position of the trousers on your trousers, but also causes your trousers to tear in long-term use. The leg section of the pants should be narrowed downwards. This is because the upper part of your leg and the lower part of the same diameter is not. Slim fit one pants preference would be much better for you. The leg should not fall on your shoe while you are standing and your leg skin will not be visible while sitting.


6. Shoes color for 10 men suit rules

Are you uncertain about which color shoes to choose? You can look at the selections made by experts.

7. Attention to Socks

The most important factor in choosing socks is that they are compatible with your pants. Another method is to adapt your socks to one of your other clothes. Don’t choose socks that are definitely on the picture or located in a cartoon hero. If you want to look stylish and cool, don’t make the choices that will look funny like in the picture 🙂

8. Handkerchief for men suits wearing

These are the important accessories for men suits so, it is take part in 10 suit rules that every man should know. When choosing a handkerchief, make sure that the pattern and the fabric are not the same as your tie. Wipes will show you more stylish.

9. Using analogue watch

Many men do not even use watch. Although this situation is sad, it is indispensable for men who differentiate themselves. Get an analog watch that you can always wear. You can choose to use the watch not only for the suit but also for the daily clothes you wear.

10. The last of 10 men suits rules – Proper care of perfume

There are two basic methods to squeeze perfume. One of them is neck. The other is where you throw your body, such as your wrist, where your body gives heat to the outside. The perfume is definitely not under the armpits. It is quite effective for the emitting of the scent slowly when squeezing it in the middle of your chest while naked. Another method is to squeeze the perfume right in front of you after wearing. This method will allow the perfume to fly faster than the other according to the other.

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Guide for Men Suits: Best Suit Wearing Tips for Men

The most important part of every man’s fancy door is the suit, no doubt. In business and important days, the most important part of the role of the suit is to be dressed in the right proportion of importance to the most complex parts. So, we finish this mess with 21 items included guide for men suits 2019 and also reach clues to the ideal suit.

Here, there are many tips for guide for men suits 2019:

1. Firstly, the widest part of the tie should be equal to the widest part of the collar cast (clap) of the jacket.

2. The slim collar have a classic air of a larger flap while drawing a modern image.

3. Using a handkerchief makes you even more attractive. As long as it’s never the same color and texture as the tie..

4. Jacket choice is in the main part of guide for men suits 2019. The shoulder of the jacket (epaulet) should fit on you fully. Blanks and protrusions will give an unpleasant image.

Fabric and pattern

5. Shirt collar and jacket should be harmonious. There should not be too much space between them or shirt collar under the jacket should not be crushed.

6. The suit you choose for daily use should be in shades of charcoal, anthracite and grey instead of black. The black suit is pretty serious.

7. Your belt should be thin and must be preferred in the same color as your shoes.

8. Single-slit jackets are suitable for daily use, while double-slit jackets exhibit classic British posture. It has a pretty style and creates a stylish look.

9. You can choose one-button jackets for casual use.

10. You can select double-button and stitched collars for formal environments and job interviews.

Accessories in guide for men suits 2019

11. When choosing a tie, the most important thing is that the tie is darker than your suit and shirt.

12. According to suit wearing guide for men, you can find out if the suit you wear is comfortable.:

– Your hand should enter between the jacket and the body when the front of your jacket is attached.

– There should be a bar between the pants and the belt.

13 You should always open your jacket when you’re sitting down. Otherwise, a nice image does not occur and the stitching of your jacket button wears out.

14. The top of the double-button jacket, the middle button of the three-button jacket should be equal to the middle or slightly above the navel.

15. Wearing a vest inside your jacket alsohelps you warm up better in winter and get a sleeker look. Therefore, if you’re wearing a vest, you should leave the bottom button on.

16. Your sock should be the length of your skin that won’t be visible when you sit down. Even though the new trend has been saying otherwise, you should still rely on the long-term shorthand rule for a classic suit appearance.

17. Your coat should end at the point where your thumb ends while standing.

18. The tie should end right above your belt. Not far above, not far below.

19. Button up the middle button in double or triple buttons is a more elegant choice. The same principle applies to croissants.

20. Cuff links are one of the most important points. Your shirt should appear on the outside of the jacket up to 1 or 1.5 cm in stand.

21. When you wear a classic suit, you should avoid sporting accessories such as sports watches and bracelets.

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Suit Style Errors That Men Should not Make

Men’s clothing combinations are the main factors that determine their style. Looking good; it is possible not only to select good pieces, but also to create the most harmonious and balanced combinations with the selected parts and also in suit style. However, the unrelated parts show the wearer inconsistent and sloppy for suit style errors 2019.

It is important to have style for men as well as women. Therefore, gentlemen, you are obliged to follow the fashion and find the style that suits you best. That is to say, your style affects your life as from your respect in your social environment to your confidence and even your private life.

But that doesn’t mean that you’re going to fit into the fashion, so don’t dress yourself. We know your options are a little limited for women. However, there are still style errors that you should not make even when using these limited options.

By learning the most common mistakes when combining dresses, after that it is possible to avoid them and be more elegant in both formal and formal environments such as office, special occasion and celebration. So here we try to express suit style errors 2019 that men should not make to catch the attractive look.

Suit style errors 2019: Stay away from suit style that are not fit to the body

The suit is the quality of a man. So don’t be wear a suit randomly. Come on, you didn’t have the choice of a wide suit; but you were trying to manage your shoulders with suits that didn’t fit. But if you consider the abundance of options now, you can easily find a tool that you can be like a razor. Unless you can look charisma or serious, as a result you may look unhappy and unappealing.

Finding the right color combinations

To create stylish men’s clothing combos you always need to make the right color choices. Certainly, one of the most common mistakes in color preferences is the combination of many colors. You can swim in safe waters using a maximum of three colors in each combination. You can also create a rational elegance by adhering to complementary or neighboring colors in the color wheel.

For example, using the combination of dark blue, light blue and mustard yellow, coffee, burgundy and navy blue, gray, beige and light blue colors, you can achieve balanced color combinations in almost all of your clothes. On the other hand, if you want to make a difference, you can use orange, navy and oil green together. Also you can wear your clothes with light gray, black and red colors.

Choosing the right shoes for not to make suit style errors

While men’s fashion sometimes comes to the fore with different models, any current that exists on the podium may not catch the same air in daily life. Also, right shoe choosing is so important for suit style errors 2019 that men should not make. Sports shoes underneath the suits, promising comfortable use, are one of the biggest mistakes in the choice of shoes.

Also, The use of flip-flops on the beaches and pools with daily jeans causes a very uncomfortable appearance. Consequently, you can use one color espadrilles instead of sport shoes or flip-flops to gain a stylish comfort under the suit and get away from the heat of summer under your jeans.

Therefore, if you insist on using pointed toe or square toe shoes with your suits, it may be useful to think again. Instead of these two models abandoned centuries ago by fashion lovers, you can complete your elegance by choosing classic shoes with round toe and models called Oxford.

Making rational choices in patterned and printed clothes

One of the most important mistakes that come to mind when it comes to men’s clothing combinations is to use many different patterns together. For example, plaid tie on a plaid shirt, plaid pants on plaid trousers wear a striped t-shirt, creates a complex and outdated image.

As a result, you should avoid using multiple patterns and prints together, whether it is daily or professional life. So, if the suit and tie are striped or patterned, you should choose one color. Likewise, you can choose a patterned or striped shirt and tie with a single color suit.

Catching shirt and tie harmony in your suit style

Adaptation is very important in the combination of the men’s shirts and ties. This requires formal formalities such as meetings, business meetings, weddings, engagement and celebration.  So it is included in suit style errors 2019 that men should not make. The combination of a short-sleeved shirt and a tie, which is one of the most common mistakes in shirt and tie combinations, creates an unbalanced image.

Regardless of the weather conditions, you should use your ties with long-sleeved shirts for a professional, self-confident look. When it comes to colors, you can use your classic white shirt with almost any color and pattern. In your light blue shirt, you can contrast with the different shades of orange with a complementary color.

So, you can use mustard yellow, burgundy and even pink, and you can catch a beautiful transition with dark green.

Feel free to use accessories

The most important accessories of men are wallets, belts and undoubted clocks. So when you choose these three, don’t exercise your hand on the coward. The harmony of these three is vital for a man.

On the other hand, men have started to use jewelry professionally. You can keep up with this fashion; after that you can use jewelry to add to your style.

Last stop of suit style errors 2019: choosing socks

Trying to match the color of the shoes to be combined with the suit is also one of the frequently made mistakes. Especially in formal and professional environments, the color of the socks is better to match the color of the trousers. For example, when you combine your navy suit with a black shoe, you can look good by choosing navy blue socks, not black.

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