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Men Suits Wearing: 10 Suit Rules That Every Man Should Know

How to dress in a job interview or a first appointment? When you read our content as a guide for everyone, you will learn 10 men suit rules that every man should know when men suits wearing.

Don’t you want to dress up more fashionably? You like to wear suits, but do you think you’re not? Every man suits the suit. If it is used correctly … If you listen to our suggestions, you will literally be like razor blades. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

1. The first of 10 men suit rules – Always wear belts

You must wear a belt in the pants you wear. Avoid choosing unbelted pants. Remember, your belt must match your shoes.

2. Tie – suit combination

The most important weapon of the modern man’s accessories is the tie. So it is included the 10 men suit rules that every man should know. However, most men do not prefer to wear ties. Men who wear ties must make the right choice. When choosing the color and patterns of the tie, you should consider what environments you will wear. Choosing a darker tie than the color of the shirt will make you look more serious. You can choose matte colors in tie selection. Because these colors can adapted to each suits. It is also important to choose the tie in the right size for men suits wearing. You have to choose a tie that ends just above your belt, and you have to wrap around your neck.

3. Fit shirts for 10 men suit rules

There are only two things you should know when choosing your shirt for men suits wearing. One of them is the size of your neck circumference; the other is the length of your arms. It’s simple, isn’t it? Knowing these two measures will help you to choose the shirt that suits you best. So you won’t have to tailor your shirt. The best way to understand that the shirt is seated is on the shoulders. The stitches should sit on your full shoulder. The shirt is wrapped around the body. You should always pay attention to the adjustments in your arms.

4. Choose Your Jacket Right

One of the most important parts of the suit is the jacket. Your jacket must match your body type. It must be neither narrow nor abundant. The shoulder width of the jacket should end at the extreme end of your shoulders and aligned so that it does not fall down. Therefore, your mobility may be restricted. The length of your jacket should end in the same place as the end point of the zip. If your jacket has two buttons, always connect only the button on top. If there are three buttons, you should connect the center.

5. Pay attention to trouser cutting

The waist circumference should not lightly tighten you and should not fall off your waist, even if the pants are unmoved. The back part should be narrow enough to create neither tension nor tension lines. Never put your wallet in the back pocket of your pants. This not only spoils the position of the trousers on your trousers, but also causes your trousers to tear in long-term use. The leg section of the pants should be narrowed downwards. This is because the upper part of your leg and the lower part of the same diameter is not. Slim fit one pants preference would be much better for you. The leg should not fall on your shoe while you are standing and your leg skin will not be visible while sitting.


6. Shoes color for 10 men suit rules

Are you uncertain about which color shoes to choose? You can look at the selections made by experts.

7. Attention to Socks

The most important factor in choosing socks is that they are compatible with your pants. Another method is to adapt your socks to one of your other clothes. Don’t choose socks that are definitely on the picture or located in a cartoon hero. If you want to look stylish and cool, don’t make the choices that will look funny like in the picture 🙂

8. Handkerchief for men suits wearing

These are the important accessories for men suits so, it is take part in 10 suit rules that every man should know. When choosing a handkerchief, make sure that the pattern and the fabric are not the same as your tie. Wipes will show you more stylish.

9. Using analogue watch

Many men do not even use watch. Although this situation is sad, it is indispensable for men who differentiate themselves. Get an analog watch that you can always wear. You can choose to use the watch not only for the suit but also for the daily clothes you wear.

10. The last of 10 men suits rules – Proper care of perfume

There are two basic methods to squeeze perfume. One of them is neck. The other is where you throw your body, such as your wrist, where your body gives heat to the outside. The perfume is definitely not under the armpits. It is quite effective for the emitting of the scent slowly when squeezing it in the middle of your chest while naked. Another method is to squeeze the perfume right in front of you after wearing. This method will allow the perfume to fly faster than the other according to the other.

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Golden Rules to Consider When Selecting Classic Suits

One of the easiest ways to catch the elegance of men’s clothing is to pay attention to the points of the suit to wear the right suit can be selected. Since men’s suits have many types, it will be easier to find the best model for you. Therefore, it will be very easy to achieve a very stylish and eye-catching look if one pays attention to the tips such as the body structure, the suit to be worn, the purpose of the suit and the color preferences. So we will try to express the golden rules to consider when selecting classic suits.

“Where will you wear the suit?”

Suit prices vary according to product quality and brand. So, you can change your preferences according to where you wear the product. If you are going to wear a suit in your business life, you should choose a black and gray suit. Away from exaggeration and pretentiousness, turning to simple products will give you a good look in your business life.

“Measures must be given importance in ready-made classic suits”

One of the golden rules to consider when selecting classic suits is the measures. So, if you are not going to sew a tailor suit, you should pay attention to the arm length, shoulder width and cut of the ready-made suit. Suits that do not fit your size may not show you well. Besides that, you should take care to buy suits that are proportional to your body. You should not only buy products that you like from a visual perspective, but also the type of fabric that you find appropriate. In particular, if you need a suit that you can wear in all four seasons, you should avoid as much as possible with synthetic fabric suits. Synthetic fabrics increase perspiration and make it difficult to breathe. Synthetic suits are too bright and can cause a bad image.

“Golden Rules for Classic Suits – Models suitable to body type “

If you’re overweight or have no fit body, you’ll get a more elegant look by avoiding tight, fit-cut suits. Therefore, if the size of the product that you receive does not fit your body, for example, if you have long legs, you have to make a tailor and wear full suits. You should take care to choose products that have the colors you can combine with the items and accessories you have. For example, if you don’t have blue trousers, it would be better for you not to choose a suit with a blue jacket. Or if you like to wear a brown belt, you should take care to choose products of the kind that can create an image that is compatible with this color.

“An important detail even it seems to be negligible”

When buying a classic suit you need to pay attention to the number of buttons. Multi-button products should be avoided. Because classic-style suits are change two to four-button ranges. The colors of the buttons of the suit must be matched to the coat color and must have a style that supports a simple appearance. Glossy, reflective buttons should be avoided. When you turn the top button off, there should be no tension in the jacket fabric. Besides, it should be noted that the jacket fabric does not draw a line from the shoulder downwards.

“Remember to look at the fabric type of golden rules for classic suits”

Look at the information on the suit’s label. It is also another golden rules to consider when selecting classic suits. Products with high polyester content are less prone to perspiration and less preferable because their iron is easily distorted. Excessive and accentuated products should be avoided when buying plaid suits. You have to pay attention to the length of the jacket. The length of the jacket should be proportional to your arm; one should not be longer or shorter than one. Shoulder parts of the jacket should be fully fit to the body so that there is no lining. The fact that the lining is bulging makes an ugly appearance. When purchasing products, care should be taken to choose products of major brands that have proven their competence in the suit. In this way, both long-term uses are provided and the benefit from the product is increasing.

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