Mens Suits Style

American, British and Italian Men’s Suits

I think that the future of the suit is at stake 🙂

In the new millennium, freedom-seeking, European men want to get rid of the office wearing a suit. In 2000, the men are waiting for a difficult decision. Men carry on centuries of tradition, elegance of Valentino will go in the office, or a, to declare their freedom, they will remove the suits. Europeans, seriousness, confidence, and discipline symbol, they bored the suit. Both expensive and boring, they thought it was, without wearing suits, they want to go to work.

According to the new law that came into force in Europe, employees, if necessary, of working life, the rules regarding clothing will be able to oppose. In England, going the work place, the tradition of wearing a suit, in the new century, forgetting it is possible. Freedom of choice in clothing, among human rights rules. The British, they do not hide that they are worried about the deterioration of the suit tradition. Over the centuries, the suit holds an important place in the UK, if vanish in the new century, do not be surprised.

British Men’s Suits

In the English suit jacket, two side slash and flap pockets, it has always been. Model of the double-breasted suit is. In british hands in pockets posture, for being so widespread, side slash is preferred. Although the jacket cuts a long, soft line on the shoulder. The chest portion of the jacket the body sitting in style, cut. Jacket is tapered the waist, hips and waist towards, widens a little ‘skirt’ takes on the appearance.

Trousers, a double leg and of pleated. Crease is always apparent. These features of the suit, male, very serious and gives an aristocratic manner. The most commonly preferred patterns, Prince De Gaulle, and are striped. The largest representative of the current, in the past 7th Edward. Today, Prince Charles.

The Italian Men’s Suits

The Italian lovers narrow-cut suits.

The most distinctive feature of the Italian understanding is that the narrow cut. According to this understanding, aesthetic appearance always passes in front of the comfortable and loose cut. Wraps of the body suit, sits on the body. Jacket sizes short, shoulders are square cut shoulder. Usually two-button, mono collar, and rear single slash jackets are preferred. In jacket arm span is shorter than normal. With the pant legs, shorter and more narrow. Trousers is not be pleated. Double leg use is not very common.

American Men’s Suits

Americans are simple and comfortable men’s suit lovers.

‘Brooks Brothers’ offered by the American market in the 1950s, suits, has become generic in the United States. Even with this movement, had exists even a name: ‘Ivy League Look’. Cut of the natural shoulder, back slash jacket. The most important feature of this stream, its simplicity and the comfort of cutting. Comfort is in the foreground, an American understanding of functional and pragmatic. In this understanding, aesthetic concerns, almost absent.