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Men Watch Trends 2019: Men Watch Fashion in 2019

While the New Year is coming with innovations, the luxury watch segment of 2019 has started to show itself in the wrist models. In the coming year, also we will see new mechanisms on more closed dials and simple designs. We’re going to hear a little thinner in men watch trends 2019, but more fragmentary mechanisms.

Corner Case

While the models with the round classic chassis continue, on the other hand, we can say that the frames have become angular by getting more old ones. The square or pillow case models are also quickly matched to the color dials and are already dominating watch mode. Not only with leather straps, but also with bracelet models we will see this year.


Thinner, thinnest and light weighted models will be our chief crown again this year. Also, exquisite designs that will not be out of fashion. And the mechanism in the number of pieces are becoming more assertive as a result of increasing number. However, some brands will not produce the thinnest watch in the world, but they will be able to reach minimum case thicknesses by minimizing their increased complications. That is to say, men watch trends 2019; we will see thinning thicknesses in all brand collections.

Smart Watches in Men Watch Trends 2019

If you still don’t, it’s time to get a smart watch this year. Of course, do not give up on the mechanical watch; but the smart watch has a very impressive and functional appearance, especially with the intermediate display faces. Certainly, the companies decided which way to walk and the models that we will encounter are developed in cooperation with their own mechanics. We will also see the most beautiful works on smart watches again in March. However, some models like smart watches, which create a separate dynamic within the watch world, have acquired a separate segment and market.

Common Designs for Men Watches

Special designs produced for limited edition. And social responsibility projects and customized designs came out this year. We also watched these works with pleasure. In 2019, special works of brands will continue to increase. While the watch world seems to be gaining new benefits from different sector partnerships because it is looking for innovations in design. And it adds more to the companies it actually works with. The minimalized design gives the best examples of engineering work. We are going into a period where the brands that we will follow more specific works will reduce their social responsibilities a little more and take speed in different company associations.

The Tourbillon

The tourbillon mechanism, which is an absolute source of equilibrium, is the most important issue especially in the R & D of the high watchmaking of recent years. Every time we come across more free-moving designs. While the number of tourbillons in the cash register is increasing every year, the movement weight of the mechanisms is changing. From January onwards we will start to see examples of tourbillons; he will continue to dominate the watch designs in more hidden enclosures and even more elegant.

Men Watch Trends 2019 – More Complicated, More Mystery

High watchmaking has raised the bar by producing the world’s most complicated watches for the last two years. Therefore, some brands will design models over their own complications, while others will try to keep up with them by developing micro mechanics. In both cases, the watch will be the watchmakers and watch industry. Let us be ready for the mechanics of especially limited models, whose brain is more advanced and we will see many features together … Further, it is worth to underline; Complications will increase, but they will be presented without much publicity. So this year will be the year of precious simplicity.

Leather Belt Year

The belt or the bracelet will never be thrown into the second plan. For instance, sometimes even in 2017, the acceleration of the model has increased. Therefore, we will see more detailed works of this value. The mesh bracelet will be on the agenda again; but the leather strap will be more ergonomic to grip the wrists with both the selected type and textured, tough handling. Fine crafting will make the model more characterized. Also, leather strap continues its leadership.


The dials began to change form, however we didn’t notice. So, high-watch brands will retain their classic collections and pursue differences in the market with innovative safes this year. And also try to attract the attention of those who love it. Further, brands that implement skeleton cases will continue their collections; but the overall trend will shift towards the closed dial.

Different Designs for Men Watch Trends 2019

We have seen such beautiful applications from the crazy children of the sector that it continues to increase every year. So this makes watchers even happier. That is to say, most of the models we have seen in the mind of the most beautiful models of the design as if it is not from the world. Therefore, the models that give a huge perspective to the sector will continue in 2019 at full speed. But we will talk about the additions to existing complications rather than the radical changes we saw last year.

Color of Men Watches

Colored models also will take place in collections men watch trends 2019. But we’ll see a lot of gray and green applications. For instance, gray is a bit more bluish, green will take place in hours with more yellow tones. Besides, more dignified, self-confident but one of the mischievous shades of color in the fashion designs of brands in the end of this year has shown their traces.


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