30 October 2016

Stylish Men Suits

Are you stylish or which style you like to wear?  Nowadays, stylish and elegant dressed men are turns out to be a step forwards both in professional and social life.

Fashion and stylish appearance is not just a women sense, also men are very sensitive about elegance in wearing. Especially, if they desire being a good image all over the place that was navigated, they should be meticulous about appearance as behaviors.


The details of clean and ironed clothes, the color and quality of selected parts of fabrics, color and shape of shoes and belt are the compliance details of being chic and stylish. Also, care of the wearing style according to the place is also important. Here’s some suggestion about style for the men who want to be a stylish appearance.

Way to be stylish, not blindly just to follow fashion. One of the most important elements of elegant appearance is right dress up according to the stylish that are chosen right body type and shape. A man may not look good in every outfit. Through this, as the harmony of each part of clothes, carrying of this clothes is also important.

Style Tips for Men in Professional Life

Men should pay attention both for their personal care and wearing style in order to have a strong image in professional life.  In the business world, stylish undergarments are suits and indispensable complement of are shirts and tie. Take attention some details when buying suits and choosing shirt and tie with appropriate color and pattern models are extremely important for men through to be stylish in their professional area.

When choosing a shirt into a suit, your choices make you stylish and elegant or can decrease your shadow. You can create a stylish look with prefer a white shirt into a black suit or white, black, and blue shirts into grey matte tone. For wearing white or cream shade color suit, black shirts can fit a nice appearance.

Ties are one of the important parts that complement of stylish men suits.  The color of the suit necessarily to be in harmony with the selected tie color and pattern and it should not pass in front of the color and pattern in a suit. So, if you are going to wear a single color and classic suit, tie you selected should be flat checkered or striped. And when you wear a striped shirt into the suit, in this case a plain color tie would be right choice.

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