15 July 2018

Right Suit Shopping in 5 Steps

Right Suit Shopping in 5 Steps

Did you know which the right suit for your body type is? How do you check your body measurements while wearing a suit? Here you will find how you do right suit shopping in 5 steps!

Every man should have at least 3-4 different suits in his wardrobe. Not only in business, but in fashionable invitations, when choosing the suits you will rescue. Find the right model for your body, the first rule in the suit of the suit.

So before you make your choice, you should define your body type. Take your body measurements correctly and make final checks. If you think these are going to happen, we will give you the answers that you are looking for to the right suit shopping in 5 steps.

Right suit shopping in 5 steps:

1. Know your body type

The first step is to emphasize your strengths and reduce your weaknesses to the minimum by knowing about men’s body types and choosing a suit that matches your body type.

Let’s start with what we should pay attention to for the big boys. Thin fabrics, dark colors and vertical lines will show you as thin as you are. Tall and thin men should prefer light colored models with more heavy fabrics and 3 buttons in their suit clothes.

Finally, short-haired men should also avoid over-patterned models, preferring vertical-striped models and showing them longer than their length. In the selection of trousers, there is a benefit to go for low belle.

2. Learn suit types

Suits are generally gathered under 3 types. So the right type is very important and within right suit shopping in 5 steps. The first is a type of a suit with a shoulder strap, stitched jacket, waist thin and narrow, pocket wingless and non-tearing Italian cut suit.

The second is the seamless, flat, flat, pocket-winged and double-slit British cut suit models without shoulder stitching, jacket collar. The third is a model with a light shoulder, a jacket collar with stitched or seamless, flat cut, pocket wing or wingless, single-slit American cut suit.

3. Attention to fabric

Even if you want to wear clothes in fabrics like linen or cashmere in hot weather, woolen suits are indispensable. There are numbers on the suit clothes that show how thin the fibers are. The higher this number is, the more fibers are threaded. The fabric is so thin and smooth.

4. Right suit shopping in 5 steps: Most important detail, Measures

The most important thing men should be aware of when buying a suit is to take the correct measure. You need to know your chest and arm dimensions so that the suit will fit right on you. Stick your arms on your side and ask someone to wrap the bouquet around your chest. You can also measure your arm from your shoulder for arm length.

If you want your suit to fit on your suit pants model, you will have to measure your waist and legs. By wrapping the grapevine around your waist, your waist can be measured, and you can get your leg neck by measuring from the crotch to the ankles.

5. Final check

The last thing for right suit shopping in 5 steps is the final check. It’s enough to pay attention to a few details when you wear it to see if the suit you’re wearing is the right model for you. First of all, it is necessary to stand 6.5 mm above the shirt collar of the suit collar.

Another detail is arm control for the suit jacket. If you lift your arms up from your head, the jacket should not be lifted. You should only show 1.2 cm of the sleeve of the shirt.

Finally, when you wear your trousers make sure that the waist is fully seated and that you do not make pots in the groin area. Make sure that the back part of the trousers is straight down without making any pots, so that it will fit on the shoe top.

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