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Patterned Men Suits

Patterns no longer used even in the most eclectic format with each other. How to use the patterns in men suits? Plaids, polka dots, gingham, floral patterns, scarf patterns and crazy mix! -Stylish look from excessive end-to-end using a combination of these patterned can be easily import to the art of important tips we’ve compiled for you.

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Let’s start with the most hard; seemingly totally unrelated to each other when you put with each other how to afford nice patterns should come? The answer is to that continuity. Going through the different patterned you will create will have to adapt a little continuity not of confusion. For example your shirt and tie may seem completely different from each other’s shirt patterns (or tie) is a scaled-down replica of the pattern in your tie (or shirt) are back in if it consistently creating an optical illusion that is “adaptation”.

Same Pattern in Different Colors

More were regarded as risk-free and guaranteed pattern mixing pattern in loyalty. Faithful to a pattern, it’s different in different colors; print the pattern and directions to print using the risk-free but have been patterned. For example a shirt with polka dots in a tie and even complementary color polka dot again but still it’s going to be both tie and shirt but complementary tertiary polka dots in a color that you can use with the handkerchief burn. In short, the same pattern but different colors do not carry the risk of more stable and at the entrance to the patterned in place is going to be an election.

You can use the same pattern in different sizes, for example a small Plaid Shirt to a large checkered tie. You can use the same pattern in different directions; for example, a striped shirt of the cross-striped as a tie. You can use the same pattern contrast colors, for example, a shirt and tie, with the exact same size as the pattern in contrasting colors, you can use a combination.

Different Patterns – Same Colors

Different patterns of different sizes but the same hues using, you can make a lot of pattern can be easily compatible.

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