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Three Piece Suits

Instead of going to the standard outfit you always used to wear of any event, why don’t you take a sharp look at the next picture you plan to attend and spice up your look? The three piece suits returned to the fashion scene in a very big way. They are effortlessly contemporary and stylish and are often preferred at work, proms, weddings and many other events. In fact, this is the best option ever for an official event. Modern designs can also be worn at day-to-night events and let you get away with the rest of the crowd in any social event with a mysterious look.

The use of a three-piece suit can be well completed using a thin shirt and a pair of cuffs. The three-piece suit complements stylish and adventurous individuals with fashion statements. With different colors, styles and shapes to choose from, it won’t be hard to find someone to represent your personality perfectly. These dresses perfectly combine classic and modern fashion touches, creating a perfect fusion for every modern person.

What is a Three Piece Suit?

First, what exactly is a three-piece suit? In other words, a vest thrown into the suit mixture. Dress, pants and vest – three pieces – three pieces dress. You know the drill. The vest blends with the rest of your dress to create a classic match View, or choose a more striking look with the vest that is different in color and pattern to stand out. They can both be equally smart, so the look you’re looking for is up to you. However, if you’re new to all three pieces and want to make things easier, a matching vest is a failed option. The best thing about the three-piece dress is that, despite its reputation, you don’t actually have to look like a Victorian landowner, and you can get a variety of views with the modern changes offered.

Three Piece Suits Elegance

There are many reasons to wear a three piece suits. They offer this great classic look, and they’re always trending. Plus, a good three piece makes a person feel better. Any man can enter into a two-piece dress. In addition to this third component, however, the vests (aka vests) give the perfect result for a graceful and elegant look. If it’s fit and color is exactly right. Of course, your vest should fit well. When a narrow cut is worn on a shirt, it becomes an integral part of the trio. And it’s not true that adding a vest makes you look fat.

A vest adds structure to suit. No one can deny that a three-piece suit creates a more “together” appearance than a normal two-piece suit. Even when you’re done with your jacket buttons, the vest will give you a regular and finished look. In fact, the result is a really attractive appearance. Another great advantage is that having a few three piece suits gives you many options. You can choose to wear the vest on your own with an open neck, a long sleeve shirt and well-worn jeans. Or you can mix the vest with jackets and pants from another coordination suit. Of course, if you want to be less formal, you can leave the vest completely out and wear it in two pieces.

Double or Single Breasted: Which Three-Piece Suits

In any case where a suit is wanted, you can choose to wear a single-chest or a cruiser jacket. However, do not wear a cruiser jacket only as part of the outfit and never as a blazer. The cruiser is more formal than a simple Bachelor, and should always be worn with the appropriate pants. Besides, they can’t be dressed like a one-chest jacket. On the other hand, a jacket with a single chest can be worn in casual pants with or without a vest, such as worn jeans or chinos.

Many young men are unfamiliar with three-piece dresses on a cruise, because they can be difficult to find. On the other hand, a three-piece suit with a single chest is worn in 90% of the time and is more commonly found. The singles can come anywhere from one to five buttons. The cruisers suit has an extra fabric twist on the front and also has a second button sequence. They usually have a total of six of the four buttons, which are classic styles.

Here’s an extra tip. Make sure the buttons are Y-shaped instead of V. This is considered much more stylish and is much better. If you’re going to wear a suit on a cruise, it’s important that your jacket fits perfectly. They’re not as forgiving as single breasts, and the buttons need to come together. Also, make sure that everything is straight.

Three-Piece Suit Color Combinations

From bottom to top: your shoes must match the tone of your three-piece dress. Brown shoes go fine with blue or navy blue. We always recommend black shoes with black shoes, but black shoes work well with gray or charcoal-collar clothing. Go up: for a more formal look, jacket, vest and pants should be the same color. However, wear a coordinating or contrast vest for a less formal look. With regards to shirts: white shirts are basic and come with many dresses. Also gives a sharp and clean look. You can wear almost any color tie with them. Pale blue is also a good shade for a dress shirt and offers a classic alternative to white. Pale blue goes with most people’s skin color and hair color. Add a navy tie with grey, bronze or navy suit.


Today, the three-piece suit is introduced as a combination of modern and classic look. They served as an indispensable part of the executive cabinet in the 1930s. However, the three-piece suit revisited the modern fashion scene. This style has become a favorite among corporate business people. The only difference is, as reviewed in the list of options above, the modern three-piece suit has become more structured and more elegant.

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Suits for Funeral: How to Wear Men Suits for a Funeral

In the natural flow of life, there are happy moments as well as death. In this sense, you may have lost a family member or someone you have been assigned to. So, dressing properly should be perceived as an indicator of respect. By the way suits for funeral can be the best choice.

Funeral ceremonies, of course, express the most unpopular moments. Well, how is it better to dress at the funeral? Here in this article, on the way to the funeral, we will try to discuss every detail of how to dress up.

Black suits for funerals

Many people have a misconception that they need a special black suits for funeral. However, this is not exactly true. This may be necessary for dress codes, such as special safety, in certain business areas. Otherwise, a classic black suit with two buttons is a good choice for the funeral ambiance.  In addition, we think that the black suit is a saving part in many environments and situations. In addition dark suits or buttoned shirts are always appropriate. And also, you can wear long-sleeved shirts, something with a collar

Alternatively, if you don’t have a black suit, a dark suit, a sports coat, and pants might work. Although some people suggest wearing a three piece suit, it would be better to prioritize a simpler pair of Suits. However, if you would prefer a suit with a vest, if possible prefer simple and patterned models and chain, etc. we recommend that you avoid accessories in detail.

In another aspect, you avoid sneakers, athletic shoes, flip flops and jeans (though in many settings, dark jeans with tucked in shirt is acceptable). And, shorts and baseball caps are also inappropriate for funeral wearing.

Classic shirts are the best for funeral suit wearing

And when we get to the shirt selection for suits for funeral, it’s got to be like that again.  At this point, the white color, plain and classic shirt will undoubtedly be the best choice. Try not to use buttons because they look sporty and comfortable. French handcuffs are good as long as they are worn with flat silver or other non-shiny arm buttons.

Aceessorie choices also important for suits

On the other side, when we come to mention the use of accessories, just try to use the clock. Other accessories are not suitable for the funeral environment, because it will add a more polished air, we do not recommend that you use it. An elegant, simple watch tells you to follow the time gracefully and do better than mourning the dead.

Your tie should be black or dark brown. Red, purple, orange or green can be a little too much color for the funeral environment. Avoid jewelry, such as bars, nails and chains. Shoes should be black, classic and polished to fit your belt. The choice of socks to dress your choice of jewelry and shoes will look and will not stand out in line with the right choice will be.

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