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Men Wearing Suit Made Wrongs

Any time I go out, correctly and properly dressed men is very little, I observe that many of the wrong choice made in the clothing. In this regard, humbly, my right, I’ll try to write. But primarily, the false habits, and due to tawdriness, this is wrong, I will try to roundup 🙂

Three piece mens suits
Three piece mens suits
  • Plenty of men’s suits: the selection of men’s suits, almost preferring 2-3 sizes too big clothes. Standing like sack suit, began to be perceived as the right choice. The length of the jacket, arm length, trotting length of the pants, 5-10 cm longer than it should. Pants are also usually quite abundant is preferred. If you are very overweight, do not look for never pleated pants.
  • Large body shirt : Shirts usually 1-2 sizes, is large choice. Shoulder seams is below the shoulder level and, shirt cuffs, handful of up into entering. For as the body is large, overflowing out of the pants.
  • Large shirt collar: collar of the shirt worn inside the suit, which is usually very large; so men, then it looks like turtles 🙂 The top shirt button Buttoning the, shirt collar between the neck and finger pointing can enter up gap, is sufficient.
  • Short-sleeved shirt into a suit: If you do not want to look like a Animated Film character, never do it.
  • Undershirt shirt into: shirts was worn into the light-colored shirt, when viewed from the outside, the most striking. Shirt and necktie will disappear. If that going to wear, you can wear a sleeveless undershirt. The shoulder seam of the shirt, to align, undershirt will appear outside .. Also, you get zero collar, the bottom of the tie knot, undershirt’s side, or get your skin not appear.
  • Long necktie Length,
  • Not to fasten the top button of the shirt: the tight collar of the shirt by changing the location of the button, it is possible to extend up to 1 cm. Is still tight, do not wear this shirt. Get a new shirt suitable bodies. As college students, tie loose, not out of the shirt pants.
  • To fasten all the buttons on the jacket: not Buttoning the at the bottom button of the jacket. This rule applies to every type jacket. In three-button jacket, if you want, you may not fasten the top button. Meaningless or unnecessary, may appear, but such here rules. According to the story, the British king 7.Edward was so fat that button at the bottom of the jacket, not buttonholes. From respect to the king, began not to fasten the at the bottom button of the jacket and the people have come up to this tradition today.
  • Wrong color and pattern combinations: the person can not carry on an unusual style, need to go out the classic style. Extraordinariness, and clowning, there is a very fine line between. To attract attention, no need to be are unusual. Enough Neat and tasteful to wear.
  • Completely faded colors to choose: to get lost in the crowd, and to unnoticed, if you want, your clothes faded, washed inappropriate, colors, and patterns of, take care to choose, would you? 🙂
  • Animated Film character ties: to be noticed in business, and to be taken seriously, if you want, never do it.
  • İnappropriate socks under suit: white, cartoon character, brand or slogan in writing, stripes, incompatible with worn clothes, or at the wrist, wearing socks. This is betrayal of the suit; unforgiving anyone. 🙂 Under the suit, the appearance of hairy legs, very ugly. I think the ankle socks are not worthy of any man.
  • Big branded clothes: I think that’s going around like billboards. Do not forget to remove the brand labels in the arms of a suit.
  • To fill the pockets: Jacket outer pockets, for use was made. Anyway, in general, sewn, not used. Sewing Rip open for use 🙂 Do not use the pouch also pants pockets. Do not use also pocket of the shirt. If you have many trinkets, according to your clothing, carrying a bag. Your mobile phone either in your pocket or your bag, put it.
  • Mismatched shoes: I think it’s a clothing, shoes are the most important element. Not just enemies, also who knows the business, first looks at the shoes. with suits, leather, under stout leather shoes are worn. Under the men’s suit, Do not wear suede shoes. If you do not go to a night tuxedo ceremony, never wear patent leather shoes. Never Do not wear dirty or old-looking shoes.
  • Incompatible leather accessories: shoes, belts, watchbands, wallets, and leather bags, same coloreven be the same tone.
Mens Suits Tips

Guide of Buying Men Suit / Part – 2 / Colors & Designs

  • What are the colors of men suits?
  • What are the designs for different types and shapes of men body?

In this article, following part two gives you the choice of fabrics, everything you need to know about today closed part of the Guide to buying a new suit from the colors and patterns posted to explore.

First of all, I am also a Burgundy dress might be an option when you ‘ world ‘ can be a time and place I am about to say by pointing out what I want to destroy before. It’s actually pretty corporate or financial sector more such fashion if you are working in the creative industry, as a Bordeaux team to pull off, it would be easier for example-This tends to come running down the industry.

Personal style show and there are other ways to create an impact. This block by making such a dramatic statement with color is necessary. Accessorizing and color combinations an understanding for the right reasons, there are real ways to make an impression and stand out.

Job-Appropriate Colors

When you create a professional wardrobe only ad hoc buying things, but it is important not to think more strategically. I start from scratch and create a for the job I was asked many times to help tailoring collection we’d like to think I’ve ever seen and so I lived in this country.

To this end, we use only really has two colors: blue and gray. There’s a simple formula, and this may seem boring, but it lies in the richness of choice and opportunity in two colors.

When it comes to black. Some people think that you can choose the super refined and sophisticated, but there is a little too simple for day wear. This evening wear, formal dinners or red carpet events is more appropriate. Brown gives a more relaxed when it comes to air, and hence are not suitable for the main business environments.

Block-Color Versions


Serge has diagonal lines and usually suit, blazer, coat and trench coats are used to classic Twill fabric. This is a good go-to first floor cloth Navy team. You will find that a lot of high street suit you serge. It may be that over time the rich, bright color is only negative. To avoid this, giving it a press team to protect the fabric off and use a cloth. Shiny suit or just general wear through, the best cure is steam. In fact, the team on the ironing, without steam pumps iron into the fabric and will help to reduce shine.

Pic and Pic/Shark

Sharkskin, pic and pic of the soft tissue and two-tone woven with the appearance of smooth wool fabric is also known as. Serge is as another classic option. Away, this article seems to be a solid/clean color again, but due to his different shades is more depth. White shirt with medium grey pic and pic of suit and tie, Navy Blue absolute winner-Typically ‘ salt and pepper ‘ likened the shades of gray in particular will work fine.

Heavier Textures

Birds eye

As the name suggests this is a design in the shape of a bird’s eye view. While exploring texture and subtle two-tone color promises a conservative aesthetic. It is extremely interesting to look at and maybe more straight texture when combined with a shirt and tie, you can make a good sit. Due to the heavy nature, usually only heavy suit medium will be over.

Herringbone pattern

This fracture is a zigzag, the distinguished similar v-shaped weaving pattern explains. This looks like the skeleton of a herring fish because the pattern is called herringbone. It makes for an eye-catching dress and wearing when captured by the light gets. Appear as a solid color only, but on closer inspection pattern recognizable and definitely brings a solid colored design interest. However, I personally could be a little wider, so that the time Tweed herringbone and linen fabrics for smart-casual tailoring. Patterned Versions

Chalk, Cable, rope and Pin Stripes

If the block colors and textures we built a solid collection, the next thought should be striped suit. Striped Chalk striped rope and pin cable more often than not, usually wool, flannel suit is located in the options come on.

When choosing a ribbon, it carries its own personality in mind. If you have a small frame, then do not choose a very strong or wide ribbon. This will be dominated by your aesthetic and even can make you look smaller.


Although the trend is still above all other they-boxes are checked once, checks, should be the last port of call. Some designs are sportier suit or jacket over the top of another control, which will be an overlay. You are a good medium grey or medium-blue team blue or red over check, you can find in the title role. They’re the most, you remain relatively sober suits and shirt and tie combinations you get sure but you look really smart. This control can reduce this type of Outfit versatility, stating at the same time value. Maybe it’s already established wardrobe for an option.

Usually a check is considered a little more comfortable a team, but they still can look really smart. I really like the best of them combine with solid shirt and tie.

As a result, the brighter hues, stripes, heavy and thick, with the official wardrobe don’t start creating controls. The first floor is home to the blue and grey, and instead of looking at textures and weights to change your selection-there’s always time to diversify. When buying, be strategic and would be on the right track.

The basic options are in place once, then alternate colors, patterns and textures, you can look at to explore. A business environment when it comes to their own personal style of expression, how? Be careful using your choice of shirt and tie and continue or breast pocket a colorful Pocket square to make adding. Business there’s a lot to be said for simple elegance, remember.