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Best Wedding Suits: Lifesaving tips for grooms

In the special days such as wedding, although both preparation and clothing is more prominent in the bride candidates, grooms should also be a perfect elegance. For this special day, the bride’s candidate will be more engaged in their preparations, so it is important that the groom’s candidate be engaged in their preparations to have best wedding suits 2019 in order to keep it from the point of view.

So, what are the life-saving suggestions for the groom, how grooms prepare their special day? You can read more about all the questions that grooms are interested in.

Best Wedding Suit Choice

Choosing a bridegroom is not an easy task even if it is not as hard as the wedding dress. In today’s fashion, because a different wedding suit model is designed with each passing day, it is always necessary to evaluate alternatives. The most important thing men should pay attention to when choosing a groom; body measurements. A grooming candidate who knows his body and knows what he wants can buy a groom in a short time.


First thing you need to decide before choosing a wedding suit is color. After you get the idea of ​​the bride-to-be, you can determine the color of your dreams and minimize the options and make the choice easier. Although there are many different colors in the last period, you still have to keep the classic and black models one step ahead of others.

Wedding suit type

Although grooms are generally preferr in wedding suits, there are also others who choose a tuxedo design for their wedding. However, you should consider that there are not too many color options when choosing a tuxedo.

Custom Tailored wedding suits

Some of the grooms may prefer custom tailored suits to have best wedding suits 2019 for their special day. Maybe you couldn’t find a model that reflects your style among the ready-made gowns. So you can make your choice as a last resort for the custom tailored wedding suit.

Buying Time

You can start looking at the options at least 1 month before the wedding, even if you don’t rush up the bride-to-be to get the wedding suit. Otherwise, if you can’t find the best wedding suit model you want in ready-made plantings, you may have to make special plantings. In private planting, rehearsals, trials will take a long time.

Accessories of best wedding suits

After the groom’s selection, the task of the groom candidate is reduce, but it is not completely finish. Accessories are also important for best wedding suits 2019. When choosing accessories that are suitable for wedding suit, you should show the same sensitivity. And choose compatible products. Because there are not too many accessory selections, you can be sure that this will be done in a short time. Accessories to complete your suits are; a boutonniere, a tie pin, a cufflink and a wristwatch.

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Choosing Wedding Suits 2019: Wedding Suits According to Body Type

Tuxedo grooming models are frequently preferred in recent years, but the dominance of suits still continues. However, tuxedo, groom or suit, no matter which one to be chosen on the groom to choose a model that will stand majestic and ostentatious to the groom’s body type and anatomical structure should be well acquainted with. Consequently, choosing wedding suits 2019 trends according to body type will carry the elegance of the person a little higher.

Choosing wedding suits is as important as choosing a wedding dress, although most people do not pay much attention to the groom’s clothing. As a result, wedding season is approaching, we told the grooms how to choose the tuxedo, or the groom suit according to the preferences of the wedding. So, in recent years, the increase in the grooming models and sections has increased the alternatives.

What is the Difference of Wedding Suits and Tuxedos?

A suit or tuxedo? You may be a little confused about what you would prefer on this important day. That is to say, the effect of the wedding plan on the choice of groom is important. So, if you are more relaxed, at noon and have a quiet wedding plan, you should choose suits. However, if your wedding is exaggerated and will be in the evening hours, it would be more appropriate to choose a tuxedo.

Choosing Wedding Suits 2019

The suit consists of a standard jacket and a long tie with an optional vest. As we said above all, if you have a less formal wedding ceremony, you can choose suit and act according to the organization. You also need to pay attention to the fact that your bride has completed her clothing and is in harmony. Therefore, most bridegrooms have to choose their classic suits and to use their wedding gowns after the wedding. So, we think it makes sense. You can choose colors likewise black, dark blue and dark gray.

Choosing Tuxedo 2019

Meanwhile, tuxedos have satin buttons and satin details like ribbons on the sides of the pants.  Also, tuxedos are usually worn with a bow tie and a waistcoat or jacket with tail. The tuxedo is worn in more formal wedding ceremonies. So, you should make sure that the tuxedo you prefer is in harmony with the bride. Moreover, the tuxedo, the most popular choice for black tie use, is usually black in color and designed in different silhouettes.

You should make sure that you suit your body type and size during choosing a suit or tuxedo for your wedding. So we will try to express the important points of choosing wedding suits 2019 trends according to body type.

Which is the Most Suitable for Body Type?

Whichever way you prefer, certainly, the more important measure is, how comfortable you feel when you wear it. According to the body type you should pay attention to the following points;

For slim and tall grooms, we advise you to choose slim fit wedding suits. As a result, the body lines will appear and the dose of elegance will increase.

Therefore, the groom with a muscular body type should definitely stay away from the slim fit and tight-cut wedding suit models. Models that are ample but shabby and not scattered will be the ideal choice for men with a muscular body type. On the other hand, grooms with overweight body type should prefer black and abundant cuttings. The front of the jacket must be open. Also a two-button jacket should be selected and thick belts should be worn. After that, the tuxedos grooming suits you very well.

Choosing Wedding Suits 2019 Trends

When choosing wedding suits 2019 trends according to body type, to clarify, you should always consider the style of the wedding dress when choosing a wedding suit or tuxedo. Certainly, no one wants to see a classic groom next to a modern bride. According to the style of the bride, it is also possible to catch a glorious harmony by choosing the right wedding suit. Besides, the venue of the wedding will be important in choosing the groom. For instance, a tuxedo should be preferred for weddings in the hotel, poolside, ballroom. For weddings in restaurants and clubs, therefore suits can be worn. On the other hand, in the beach and beach concept, more shabby linen sets would be a stylish choice.

Meanwhile, grooms who get out of the tuxedos or classic wedding suits concept can turn to unusual combinations. For instance, they can wear tie or bow tie with colored bow tie. Also, they can choose a different style by choosing checker vests and different collar models. Besides, in the choice of shoes can be worn sport models such as black sneakers, sneaker or loafer.

You should feel very comfortable in whatever body type you are wearing. Because you will be in this suit for hours, so harmony and comfort will be quite important.

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Choosing Right Wedding Suit

The wedding time has finally arrived. With this time you have being a couple with a woman who you get love relationship that you have with you. The wedding is in the corner of the romance and, potentially, out of the mouth of the groom’s trust placed in potentially a few hundred with an invitation (currently ‘ groomsmen) faced an epic dilemma right now.

Wedding day is one of the most important day in both men and women. Because of this, like any other details and points, wearing is very important with all aspects in this day. Men are also should care for their wedding suit.

All this was basically a fancy rhetoric way: how a friend’s wedding clothes will be worn? Yes, even the fact that this question can continue stirring eighty inclined gentleman. Therefore, to select the type of a wedding when we decide, let’s take a look at what options are there and what are the tips of choosing right wedding suit.

Wedding Suit through Wedding Location

City Wedding

Darker suits usually better for city wedding ceremonies, but it is in a traditional way. More than your super dark, dark blue or pink peach woolen suit like one of charcoal-grey, on the occasion of a suit that has a functional year is extremely would being good. Canvas shoes (although fairly conservative shirt suit) and/or accessory you can include some color to the mix with. In General, your best bet is a blue or white shirt, though, lined up in a row, you can choose a shirt. Like red or pink tie against a blue shirt outfit adding some color combinations that make it interesting, for example with animal print motif.

Men’s clothes as mentioned in proportion with the outfit to avoid similar style to appear overly busy patterns, remember to keep at different rates. Blue shirts with an orange tie, such as contrasting colors are often overshadowed by the brave combinations a little to mute his best. Remember, this is a special day for her and beside wedding suit wearing, as well as, always working to underestimate the watches that nasty man without sounding like you can look elegant and point. Therefore, a sophisticated, stylish and quiet for the city remember the wedding!

Country Wedding

A country wedding, pale gray, pale blue or cream dress in this case works perfectly; especially one of the wedding in most other countries, a valued rural club turf grass or due to be planted if you foresee yourself. Therefore, your wedding suit color and fabric in general, preference must have more flexibility. Now, especially in the summer, linen or cotton would be a great time to try on a dress. As for shoes, semi-formal, for example rolls will work just fine. As in a city wedding there is no need laces!

Beach Wedding

The combination of a linen or seersucker suit with a tie in pastel colors is a perfect combination for choosing right wedding suit for a beach wedding. Needless to say that the brochures or a highly formatted shoe are usually a prerequisite for a beach wedding for men is not considered!

Black Tie and Tuxedo

A single breasted tuxedo a side notched wire, when any body type even more beautiful, more a shawl collar completes a lean frame. A formal tuxedo shirt, pleated will have a front (only to the waist, so that when you sit down is keeping Bobby pins). Waist cummerbund or vest or always or always remain open to the public are covered by double breasted dinner jacket. Tuxedo pants, usually on the surface of the jacket collar and buttons, satin, silk or grosgrain (fluted) contains a Ribbon until the outer leg seams. Smooth front pants, modern man fitted jacket given the tendency against, can be pleated Tuxedo pants, suits and tuxedos will be an ideal choice for.

Cocktail Wedding

Cocktail dress, by definition, a black tie event is a notch. Cocktail party participants usually wear dark color outfits the team tie cocktail dress for standard fare. Shirt color is usually white or lighter color must be solid-colored tie and a cocktail event, it’s best to go with. Preferably the preferred dress code clothing cocktail or cocktail is not listed as a festive outfit-based wedding more bizarre than or fancy ties.

Depending on the time of the time of the wedding, for choosing right wedding suit seasonal factors, in relation with the colors for your suit to fit you can help point out in one direction. Open the color options, not accessories and shirts during the spring and summer accessories available; darker-colored ties, opaque blue, olive greens and burgundy like can be used throughout the fall and winter. Time of day, where the next wedding deciding what colors to use could help prove too! Again, the bright colors usually work better throughout the day and night, darker colors will appear more appropriate.

Ties and Accessories

Regarding the ties do not fit everyone ties and black tie defenders, as long as they can move the wrong way. Otherwise, choose a tie with the conservative side review is best to kidnap. And remember, be creative and be bold with your accessories! Pocket squares, ties, cuff links, belts and shoes, an outfit can make more interesting and original! Also you should count in the details!