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Men Suit Patterns

Patterned fabrics, otherwise what could be a little stilted suit choice helps bring a breath of fresh air. As a general rule, less formal patterns solid colors, and thus should be separated for a more relaxed day.


In the meantime it out with, is the first pattern Ribbon that need to be taken into consideration. Suit on the Stripes always erect, but comes with a number of different styles. at first and is the most classic the name suggests, gray, especially on a dark gray or black suit, not uncommon choice pinstripes, although most often white stripes, usually pronounced very narrow.

Men Suit Patterns (27)

Glen Check

Plaid is probably the most familiar controls to individuals, but Glen’s probably is the most common for the Czech suit. This is viewed as a unit, creating the effect of a wider input of fabric, both horizontal and vertical bands in .


Another check option strips that make up the remote window glass, Czech much more brave option creates a checkerboard effect. They may appear from time to time the sports jacket windowpane but does not any more appropriate window glass frequently. a small amount of showing off a heavy dose of confidence and bold pattern is required for this sort of move.

Herringbone and Houndstooth

A more subtle option herringbone, most commonly found in heavy woven fabrics such as Tweed arrow-shaped men suit patterns. Usually adorns the heavy fabrics, because most often were found on the clothes of the country winter and Herringbone, Glen Czech, is a pattern suitable for most occasions. Similar to someone saw blade, is much more common than the full suit sport coat has a pattern similar to the one on the herringbone.

Bird’s Eye and Nailhead

Official somewhere in Plain and striped bird’s eye or a dark background closely nailhead on color appearance of tiny dots are meant. Bird’s eye similar to Oxford cloth shirt team usually effect appears as a solid location between two colors.

Nail head stripes at every opportunity available, and all but the most formal occasions on solids can be substituted for.

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