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Guide for Men Suits: Best Suit Wearing Tips for Men

The most important part of every man’s fancy door is the suit, no doubt. In business and important days, the most important part of the role of the suit is to be dressed in the right proportion of importance to the most complex parts. So, we finish this mess with 21 items included¬†guide for men suits 2019 and also reach clues to the ideal suit.

Here, there are many tips for guide for men suits 2019:

1. Firstly, the widest part of the tie should be equal to the widest part of the collar cast (clap) of the jacket.

2. The slim collar have a classic air of a larger flap while drawing a modern image.

3. Using a handkerchief makes you even more attractive. As long as it’s never the same color and texture as the tie..

4. Jacket choice is in the main part of guide for men suits 2019. The shoulder of the jacket (epaulet) should fit on you fully. Blanks and protrusions will give an unpleasant image.

Fabric and pattern

5. Shirt collar and jacket should be harmonious. There should not be too much space between them or shirt collar under the jacket should not be crushed.

6. The suit you choose for daily use should be in shades of charcoal, anthracite and grey instead of black. The black suit is pretty serious.

7. Your belt should be thin and must be preferred in the same color as your shoes.

8. Single-slit jackets are suitable for daily use, while double-slit jackets exhibit classic British posture. It has a pretty style and creates a stylish look.

9. You can choose one-button jackets for casual use.

10. You can select double-button and stitched collars for formal environments and job interviews.

Accessories in guide for men suits 2019

11. When choosing a tie, the most important thing is that the tie is darker than your suit and shirt.

12. According to for men, you can find out if the suit you wear is comfortable.:

– Your hand should enter between the jacket and the body when the front of your jacket is attached.

– There should be a bar between the pants and the belt.

13 You should always open your jacket when you’re sitting down. Otherwise, a nice image does not occur and the stitching of your jacket button wears out.

14. The top of the double-button jacket, the middle button of the three-button jacket should be equal to the middle or slightly above the navel.

15. Wearing a vest inside your jacket alsohelps you warm up better in winter and get a sleeker look. Therefore, if you’re wearing a vest, you should leave the bottom button on.

16. Your sock should be the length of your skin that won’t be visible when you sit down. Even though the new trend has been saying otherwise, you should still rely on the long-term shorthand rule for a classic suit appearance.

17. Your coat should end at the point where your thumb ends while standing.

18. The tie should end right above your belt. Not far above, not far below.

19. Button up the middle button in double or triple buttons is a more elegant choice. The same principle applies to croissants.

20. Cuff links are one of the most important points. Your shirt should appear on the outside of the jacket up to 1 or 1.5 cm in stand.

21. When you wear a classic suit, you should avoid sporting accessories such as sports watches and bracelets.

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