07 October 2018

Fashion Faults of Men Suits

Fashion Faults of Men Suits

of men suits that men should give up before the age of 30. While everything is changing in fashion, the attitude of the men “Whatever I wear“, has already lost their validity. There is a strict competition between men and women, so men care themselves as much as women.

Therefore, fashion is going to work on the front side of the gentlemen; of course everyone does not have to dress like the catwalk out. So, if you’re about to say hello to your 30s and you have question marks about your wardrobe. Also, you can meet your age of 30 with a flawless style by looking at the most common fashion faults of men suits:

First Fashion Faults of Men Suits: Suits that don’t fit in the body

Therefore, one of the biggest fashion faults of men suits is extremely narrow and very revealing clothing. But this fear can sometimes turn into a fashion catastrophe literally! For example, walking around in a suit that doesn’t fit into the body. And also it flies all over the place.

So, it may seem worse than going to a fancy invitation in a long-haired sweatshirt. Moreover, you have a similar suit on your wardrobe that doesn’t fit into your shoulder, waist, and leg area, keep the tailgate straight.

Short sleeve shirt – tie combination

A combination of short sleeve shirt – tie for instance, one of the most common of men, is definitely a style you should avoid. (Unless you’re 5 years old!) We also know that short sleeve shirt is extremely useful in summer days. But in hot days, you can use a lightweight shirt made of comfortable cotton fabric with your tie by folding your arms.

Worn and dirty shoes

Make sure that your shoes are always clean and well maintained at this age, during you will have many potential opponents in professional life. Therefore no matter what stylish outfit you mix your muddy shoes, you can’t seem to have style.

Wrong cuff size

One of the most important fashion faults of men that will completely disrupt your image is the wrong cuff size. Further it is left too long, the patchwork will make you look short and sloppy. Also the shortened ones (even if the short ones are fashionable) may make you look strange.

Wrong sock – men suits combination

To clarify another fashion error that men cannot give up is to choose their socks according to the color of the pants, but also according to the tone of the shoe. The truth is, the same as the tone of your suit or a close ton of socks to ensure continuity, and consequently the shoe to complete this view.

Belt – shoe incompatibility

The belt, which is one of the accessories that men use most often, can lead to scourge when it is not used correctly. So, if you want avoid such a mistake, you should choose your belt in the same color and texture as your shoe. When you wear sports, it is best to choose thicker belts.

Very long / short ties

Don’t call it a tie! The length of this accessory is also extremely important. Because, too short or too long held ties can disrupt body propotion. And also make you look disproportionate.

Excessive use of hair style products

To look stylish, certainly you should pay attention to your hair as much as your outfit. However, you can exaggerate this condition and put tons of style products on your hair. Otherwise, it takes you away from nature and makes you look funny.

Flashy accessories faults in men suits

Men’s use of jewelry / accessory is literally a matter of knife back certainly. Therefore, the more simple, masculine and cool jewelry / accessory in men create the better results. On the other hand, stones, too bright and too large accessories are definitely not recommended for men.

Excessive use of color

Coloring your style is certainly good. However, you don’t have to carry all the colors in the rainbow at the same time. Therefore, a powerful contrast using two colors can help you achieve an image that is extremely impressive and unsightly.

The Last Fashion Faults of Suits: Dressing unironed men suits

While it’s always a little hard to walk around in razor-like clothes, we should also say that an iron-pressed basic shirt looks much better than an unironed men suits! So, if ironing is a problem for you, you can choose the clothes that are sold under the name “non-iron” in your shopping.

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