01 February 2016

Complement Accessories of Men Suits

Suits are both formal and informal are getting chic way for men. Also accessories like shoes, cufflinks, ties etc. is important to combine the suits style.


When you choose a solid color shirt or suit Pinstripe shirts are complement since you can use your preference. If you have a straight suit your everyday pinstripe or plaid shirts with chic up your sleeve, you know a compatible capture the image out to the forefront. If you are using a striped or plaid suit, you are going to wear your shirt for a simple elegance, light and you must use your preference in favor of plain shirts. Be sure if you’re the type of person who likes to look up your little male long buttoned. This will show you more than you are.

Complement Accessories of Men Suits (18)

Shoes and Belts

To be eligible to suit the width of the thin structure should be preferred the same color shoes and are securely fastened that you include full compliance. Otherwise, you will inevitably be outmoded. Opaque colors such as black, grey and burgundy-colored suit and black shoes are in the solution. Warmer colors are brown, cream and navy-colored suit; you must use the brown shoes and Brown belt. Dark blue color in a suit according to your request, you can use two kinds of ways. The only consideration is that it is the same color as the subject.

Tie and Handkerchief

Tie is an integral part of the suit. Tie width; check your jacket should be equal to the width of the clap (side). There’s a lot of as the last period of modern thin models used when mirroring is the older style large models of a nostalgic air, you can choose from if you’re the type of person who loves to catch large.  When you wear a suit and tie in the color of your shirt should be more active.

Wipes are other complement accessories of that create a look in your image with a more regular and modern. However, the color of a handkerchief, the pattern and fabric to the same importance though the napkin matches. Trend to capture an image your handkerchief modern ones.


Stylish is a sine qua non of the image cufflinks are other part of . You can check out your chic with the signature of the cufflinks. You plug your other accessories cufflinks (wrist watch, rings, tie, etc.) must be compatible with. What’s important is that you catch the harmony of colors and cuff links. If you are a colorful shirt when you can use this color cuff links you can capture color harmony. The choice is yours.

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