15 November 2014

Cacharel Men’s Suits Collection

Exclusive brand of men’s clothing, traveler and free spirit, the representative of Cacharel, this time in Fall / Winter 2014-15 Collection in Barcelona

Cacharel was founded in 1962 by Jean Bousquet., Won worldwide success in a short time. Cacharel in the world, modernism, the elegant clothing, and is regarded as a symbol of of youth. Cacharel, stylish stance, supporting the functional details, simple but good quality, and designs is different, adopting a view. Cacharel’s, knows what she wants, free, adventurous, like to explore, spirit, as well is reflected in the collection, is manifested in well as stores.

Cacharel, the new season is the angle of the Mediterranean’s blue. Season’s new favorite until the dark blue color from light to dark blue shirt lacivmürekkep every shade and waistcoats, denim, teams and combi Philippines reflects the nobility of respectable men Cacharel Mix & match can be made…….

Cacharel famous brand in France, in the new season collection from the nature, and the dynamism of the city, inspired. Art, culture, gastronomy, all kinds and from all nations, which is a small world with people of Barcelona, in the mixed tissues gothic and modern architecture that blend of structures, Cacharel Fall / Winter reflected in the 2014-15 collection. In the new collection, intense Gaudi effect of sometimes in the lining of the trench coat, and sometimes in its texture details of the tie, architecture, varieties with spectacular images, interpreted again very nice.

Cacharel male adventurers, travelers, and free exploration enthusiast, emphasizes aspects of their designs, stylish men, offers a perfect style. A wide range of fabrics and patterns with alternative, bringing together a fully personalized designs, Cacharel autumn-winter collection, though designed specifically seasonal, can be adapted to the 4 seasons. Cacharel Men’s Suits Collection niggling design concept combines the comfort and elegance.

Cacharel collection this year, various shades of blue, and earth colors, with is enriched. That come to the forefront in designs of all shades of Mediterranean blue, navy, indigo blue, light blue, has different options like. In the pattern, wonderful choices striped plaids, herringbone lines, micro patterns are seen. Cacharel’s, the fabric and the cut, reflected, advanced technology, the hectic pace of the city, and represents a mobility.

Coats warms your insides … the Cacharel collection this fall, wool, cashmere coats, and furry, hooded jackets, men’s heats for the travelers. Marble textured anthracite gray, indigo, crowbar pattern, fur collar, with many different options coats, going elegance indicator of urbanite men.

Denim elegance … young, and energetic style, reflecting denim, used in conjunction with Cacharel’s simple lines. Denim tissues Cacharel design workshops, accustomed to, stands out from the casual lines, and it turns out the only weekend wear. Much more charismatic, and charming, it becomes, denim shirts, and trousers, enjoyable, and entertaining enough to wearing in the environment, it looks comfortable. It also looks stylish enough to go to a business meeting.

Flexible fabric trousers … Cacharel, the new season collection, comfortable trousers, with urbanite elegance, complemented. Due to the flexibility, providing comfortable maneuverability, also appears to fit the fabric trousers, with wool image, one hundred percent cotton fabric trousers, provides ultra comfort.

Details of the elite style… In Cacharel’s new season collection, shirt and vests, too, is remarkable. In shirts, light mélange fabrics, large plaids patterns, stripes and white collars, shawl patterns, flowery patterns and Oxford shirts, is remarkable. Sleeves, the cuff detail reflects the Cacharel’s elite style.

The city’s energy, your elegance, with the keep pace with. Shirts, warm, weight exceeding 100 grams, with light vests, were combined. In Cacharel, so there are many fabrics knitwear vests option. This is complementary to the style vests. Cacharel collection in wool turtleneck, V-neck sweaters, reflects all the energy of the city. Sweatshirts from fabrics knitwear jacket, seems to be ready to explore the city with all the comfort and style.

Mix & Match Man’s suits… Cacharel’s adapting to the routine of daily life, and that the freedom of body movement of, design, men’s suits will be made mix & match, comes to the fore. Men’s suits, as well as a whole, as well as in combination with different parts, can be used. Men, for day and night, gets rid of the different choice of clothing. Cacharel, which has become a classic of the plaid pattern suit, if desired in combination with different parts, it’s a stylish solution for alternatives.



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