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Brioni Brand Men Suits

Men First time on the podium

Brioni’s first fashion show in Florence in 1952, at the Pitti Palace was held. And for the first time in history, men walked on the podium. This bold approach to the company’s worldwide customer base, has attracted more attention.

By Brioni, a fashion season, not the trends, the discovery of perfection is revealed. Therefore, Brioni suit, perfect appear on of the owner. Tradition and elegance, which are the basic elements of fabrics, always has been the starting point for a collection. Is essential to examine the flexibility of the fabric. Fabric for Brioni, in order to guarantee the best fluency, as much as possible, should have less flexibility. Every fabric, an appropriate primer selected from 50 kinds of existing ones. The fabric of choice, final factor taken into account, the suit, the destination will be delivered, which is how the weather conditions, and the fabric, how a response is that would lead. Each season varieties of 30,000 coats, and jackets are revised. And it only added to the collection of 800 pieces. Every suit of the customer choose the fabric, be personified according to the details and features.

Brioni’s professionalism; Tailoring expertise, technology and style of the precedent

The basic principles of Brioni, uniqueness in design and service, and guarantee of excellencefriendly customer relations, and the person is a special and planting expertise. Brioni clothes can almost be examined as an work of art. Making of a suit of 18 – 22 hours from taking time. In this case, on the a single piece of, 440 hand it works, is equivalent to 220 stages. According to the model and the planting stage, alternately, about 5.000 to 7.000 pieces of hand stitching, each jacket surrounds elegantly. Brioni Every employee, this stage process 220 is responsible for a single step.

After each and planting stages, track, ironed. And then, the type of fabric, and each outfit will be worn that varies according the geographic and climatic regions, has certain stages of the rest. Each department manager, the jacket is checking all the essential points. Furthermore, when each piece of iron, conducted numerous, there are interim control. Finally, examine the reaction of wear, and small changes in order to apply, being left to rest for a few hours .. This men’s suitsis absent a similarBrioni, taking measurements, made planting of, the brand is one of the most traditional and special services.

Measurements by planted products, not just limited to men suit, shirt, tie, and even covers all Brion of the product, including the most sophisticated sportswear products .. Besides having the highest quality, emblem on, elite patterns and composed of color, most of the fabrics used by the brand, specially made for Brioni. People planted custom clothing, customer, not unlike one another, to be reflects the unique style also provides opportunities.

Brionieach one of the master tailor, “metrically of planting” to serve, year 90 days, traveling all over the world. Brioni tailors, the leaders of the political world, the most effective managers, and up to celebrities, coming together with many important names. Master tailors, customer requests, questions, concerns, lifestyles, and cultural histories, in short, “the world” order to understand the, establishing a link between the customer. Customers, to perfect harmony, “strong personality” goes from creating the image.

Today, around the world, in eight plants, 400 master tailor and a total of 1650 employees in their hands, “in Brioni Made” brand produces image and casual wear series. Brioni, the tailoring, to ensure excellence, while focusing on new markets, the ambitious growth plans, does not hesitate to apply. Rome, New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Beijing, Istanbul, and many other major capitals around the world and regions, the company’s position in the main representatives.

Brioni, between men first class brands, is located in the first place. Brioni brand, especially fans of James Bond films, has in memory. Because Bond is still clothed Brioni. Known as the brand of governing the world, 63 between the years of history that Brioni loyalists, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, former US presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, Nelson Mandela, like statesmen, Al Pacino, the old James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, the new James Bond Daniel Craig, there’s Donald Trump and Mesud Barzani.

Brioni, for gentlemen, it achieves the very chic and swanky suit model. Combined with high quality fabric and unique design, the suits, the guys feel the difference. Prices, many men’s suits, higher than the brand. When you wear Brioni brand men’s suit, it will be impossible to go unnoticed.

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