14 November 2014

Brand Armani Men’s Suits

For nearly 40 years, people all over the world, most of the wardrobe ‘cool’ parts carry …

Giorgio Armani, AJ Cronin, published in 1937, relevant medical science novel, The Citadel of reading, the doctor decides to do so. However, medical education, leaving in half, join the army to do his military service. Is assigned to a hospital in Verona, and this life, whether or not according to him, he decided, it will enter another career pursuits.

Milano largest and most ostentatious store, La Rinascente, finds work as a designer showcase. Then, worked as a sales consultant at the store. In the mid1960s, Cerruti 1881, Nino Cerruti, which inherits from his grandfather, with routes intersect. Cerruti for men collection of designs, makes Armani, also designs collections for other brands. Best friend, and who will be partner, Sergio Galeotti, meeting, coincided with this period. In 1973, Galeotti, Armani, the Corso Venezia is one of Milan’s busiest streets will persuade him to open his first office. In the office, Italy’s largest brand, prepare designs. After the fashion show at the Pitti Palace in Florence, the media attention is great. In 1975, together with Galeotti, Giorgio Armani SpA by establishing, directs all his energy to his own brand.

The first collection, Spring-Summer 1976 consists of men’s clothing. For the same season can not be neglected to in designing women’s clothes. Giorgio Armani with the correct production network agreements, becomes a brand began to expand. And address different markets. In 1979, the United States ‘Mani’ introduces a brand named. This, underwear, beach and accessory collections, follows. After Armani appearance Ranked anymore ‘Armani Fragrances’ are. Signed an agreement with L’OrĂ©al to a variety of perfume. One after another opened stores, younger, and more affordable prices, created, opened for Emporio Armani brand. This innovation, Armani, anotherto advertising campaign, suggesting it should be directed. More provocative advertising campaigns Besides, Armani, has also discovered the effect of the cinema. To ensure where the film industry is turning to costume design. Made in 1980, American ‘Gigolo’ film lead role Richard Gere in gray Giorgio Armani suit from within, not choice, puts them all on a bed. The reason is Giorgio Armani style in the film. Then goes on to Kevin Costner’s ‘The Untouchables’ the film and more income. In films, gentlemen of the suits, anymore, the tags visible, but is Giorgio Armani. Armani, in 1985 he lost a close friend Galeotti, Armani Empire will continue to grow. Then, to the American people, design products, providing an affordable price, Armani Exchange, touted. Stores opened in China. Then, eyewear, watches, cosmetics, home textiles, and you can think of, in each category, products are designed. In the collection, taking advantage of asymmetry, modern design that makes Giorgio Armani. The trace left by his name, continues with a more sporty design with Emporio Armani name. These clothes, men gardolab to add, of course, is going coolest men of their environment. Armani, as well as the classic suits, sports clothing was designed.

For example, in the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games, the Italian delegation wore Armani designs. From this autumn, Bayern Munich too, Armani clothing. Sports have a great interest in Armani’s the basketball team in Milan. Armani, the range of products in the 1980s, has expanded to was first perfume. Armani also the owner of a large number of hotels, one of which is the world’s longest building, in Dubai. Also contributing to the design of one of Mercedes-Benz models, from Armani’s products, chocolate, coffee and jam is also available. The main color of gray Armani’s creations. In a city like Milan, had made explained as choice of gray. Color tone is very important for the designer.

Armani, using the color mixture of gray and beige color. Armani, on the podium, opposes the use of mannequins very very weak, was among the first designers. Armani designers to rather than abstract concepts, people’s needs, take into consideration, says it should. Giorgio Armani, is a well-known supporter of soccer team Inter Milan. He is currently head of Milan’s basketball team. International reputation of, especially Richard Gere’s role in the film American Gigolo, and many other famous Hollywood with his clothes on, he won.

Now let’s look at gorgeous men’s suits.



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