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Best Suit Combinations: The Art of Wearing Suit

In recent years most of us prefer to wear as casual as possible and some of us are avoiding wearing jackets. But sometimes we work in accordance with the rules of the workplace, when we have an important meeting or in private invitations, the most appropriate clothes are suits. Moreover, wearing suits is generally easier to complete than most clothing, as it shows fit for best suit combinations. But of course, wearing suits has some subtleties. So, let’s we look, according to the trends of the season, which suit, how to wear together.

Classics are the savior pieces for best

First of all, remember that in your wardrobe you should have a suit in classic colors. These colors as like black, gray, navy. Classic colors work wherever you go. Don’t forget to buy a white and a blue shirt to complement them. For example, you can join an invitation by completing such a classic with classic black shoes. And you can use burgundy loafer on an ordinary working day.

Checkered fabrics fashion again

If you are wearing suits frequently and planning to buy a new one this season, checkered fabrics are one step ahead. On the other hands striped and mulberry fabrics are on the rise. You can also buy a suit with a vest that is sewn from the checkered fabric, suitable for the season trends. And you can get a pretty charismatic style by completing it with a dark blue coat with a fur collar and navy boots.

For more casual look in

If the idea of ​​a suit is still a bit far, we strongly recommend you to try light colors. These are  such as cream or beige. Especially in warmer weather, light suits that you can wear easily will make you feel more comfortable. And they also add a very cool air. If you say tie is too much for me, you cannot use a tie, open a button on your shirt, or choose scarf. As a shoe, this casual elegance can be combined with slip-on in the same style.


If you are going to go to a very special invitation you will prefer tuxedo. This season, black and white, as well as classic colors. As well as parliament blue or burgundy tuxedos in different colors is quite fashion. If you like a pretentious style, you can be the most elegant man of the night by completing a jacket with classic leather shoes.

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