30 December 2018

American, British or Italian Men Suits?

American, British or Italian Men Suits?

American, British or ? Which one is your best suit style? So, while you are thinking, let me give you some information about the history of the men suits.

The best suits worn with the vest worn inside the jacket and have been accepted as the basic garment for men. And also they came without any change until the end of the 18th century.

Therefore, the first suit of today’s appeared as the first garment in 1860. So, from the 19th century to this time, the suits continued without much change.  However, men suits are classic and timeless. So, every man’s wardrobe must have a few stylish suits.

American British or Italian Men Suits


In order to make the right choice, the right color, body fit, fabric, sewing and details must be included in all. And it is the first condition that your body measurements should be analyzed very accurately in order to make a choice according to your body size.

So, often preferred colors; Black, anthracite, dark navy blue are ideal colors for those looking for elegance. Because of this, if you work in a corporate business life, your redeeming colors; black and navy. It allows you to stand strong and powerful.

What should you pay attention to when choosing men suits? American, British or Italian Men Suits?

Firstly, choose the appropriate fabric for the season. Make a choice of non-perspiring fabric and keep your trousers’ lengths too long or short. Especially gentlemen will be much more accurate, if they prefer not to short-cut, but double-length trousers.

So, buy your suits and try them. Besides, choosing cuts and models suitable for your body type; is the first rule of right dressing. And the remaining color and accessories are may vary depending on where you wear it. Therefore, if you have a corporate business life; don’t choose multicolored shirts.

Also, you can add a movement by choosing colored or patterned ties without going too far out of white, blue and beige tones. Besides colorful handkerchiefs and scarves are accessories to complement your suit. And also look like a razor blade.

May be you don’t have dress code rules in the company you’re working with. So you can make much more creative combinations, like a navy blue blazer double-breasted cut jacket, blue shirt and canvas pants or dark denim pants.

Also a stylish patterned handkerchief will be an ideal combination. However, if you want a more casual look, choose one-button jacket models. Therefore, double-slit jacket models; modern and more suitable for today’s trends.

Are the men suits having a nationality? Of course! – American, British or Italian?

Italian cut men suit models are:

Therefore, Italian cut trousers, shirts and jackets are generally narrow. The suit you’re wearing is the models that surround the body are full on the body and the jacket lengths. And they are short compared to the others.

Also, they are generally ideal cutting models for triangle body types and the jacket’s shoulders are a section called as ’slim fit. Besides, jacket models are usually not two-button and rear-slit. Trousers are also short and narrow.

British cut men suit models:

Trousers are double trotters and also pleats. So, the jackets are thin-cut models without shoulder straps, double slits, seamless jacket collar. The suit is the model like as double-breasted. Therefore, jacket cuts are longer than Italian cut models.

American cut men suit models:

For American cutting suits, half-pants, one-slit, comfortable cut jackets and pants. Models do not wrap around the body nor do they get plenty. They can also be called ‘regular fit‘. Because of  this, if you know your body type correctly, you can easily find which section is suitable for you.

So, after deciding the types of suits as American, British and Italian, lets I will tell few tips that will make you look good when you choose a suit:

The tips are:

  1. Firstly, cufflinks with sleeve models enrich your look. Also, the jacket will be much more elegant if it is outside 1.5 cm from the neck.
  2. Secondly, putting the jacket on the front of your hand, the distance between your body. Also your jacket is very plentiful, what should be very narrow.
  3. Men owe their elegance to accessory choices! The most important parts of accessory tools are belt and shoes. Therefore, you should prefer thin models in belt selection. Even if the color of the shoes and belts you choose is not the same. So, you should be careful.
  4. If you want to get a slim fit (like thin and body-wrapped) suit to complete your look, I recommend you to wear a vest. You also get a more formal and cool look.
  5. However, you have to make sure that the tie length is just above the belt.
  6. Finally, the trousers must end on the shoe and not on the bottom of the shoe.

American, British or Italian men suits… What is your choice and which one is your best?

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