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Suit Selection Rules in Men Fashion

When it comes to men’s wear, the first thing that comes to mind is the suit. Today’s man does not lose the importance and value of a suit, although he prefers to be comfortable and to dress according to his own taste rather than adhere to the traditions. Even if it seems to be forgotten from time to time, there must be a suit that is kept for important days in the wardrobe of every man.

There are two types of men: those who wear suits every day, and those who wear suits at funerals or weddings. Keep some clothes in your wardrobe; you should be careful about their quality. The clothes those are even more handsome than they are a quality suit. Never forget that. Do not forget that a suit that is badly sewn and does not fit the body will show a painful image of man.

Even though there is not much formality in society anymore, I think there should always be at least one suit in every man’s wardrobe … Weddings and funerals, realities of life … So one day you will have to buy a suit.

The one most important suit selection rules in men fashion is that it does not change much over time … If you have a quality suit in your wardrobe and you take good care of it, you can use it for years.

Shoulders are very important

The most important detail of the suit is the shoulders. You ask why? I’ll explain immediately: Creating a suit is actually an art. You take a two-dimensional fabric and transform it into a three-dimensional object. In fact, it is a statue created by sewing. The place where the muzzle combines with the armpit is the most important deterrent for the fit of the jacket to the body. A well-worn jacket, the shoulder, is placed under the seat from every point. If the arm is not fully conformed to the shoulder, as you move your arm, the jacket shrinks and wrinkles around the shoulder.

Make sure the shoulder stitch is finished at the end of your full shoulder. You should never have your fluffy shoulders, just like the uniform of a soldier, everything should be seated. Men usually say their measurements are bigger, do not. Are you saying 42 for your size? Try 40. In order to learn even your exact measure, go from small to large, so you can get the exact fit.

If the jacket is a garment, it is very unlikely that arm and shoulder will fit together. If you will not choose tailor made clothes for yourself, you should try to choose the best ones.

Buttons and Buttonholes

Your jacket must have been made of bone or other natural material. Plastic buttons are damaged by the dry cleaning process and can be disintegrated in a short time. It’s not that hard to understand whether the buttons are plastic or bone. Plastic buttons do not differ in color and tone, they also look very bright. The color difference is noticeable in the bone buttons.

A well-worn jacket is clean, smooth and tight. Once you have hooked and unzipped the button of the jacket several times, it becomes possible to get used to the button. The buttons must be large enough to cover the marrow. Attention should be paid to the careful preparation of the buttons and buttonholes to ensure that the jacket has an excellent appearance.

Once you’ve knocked off your jacket, put your thumb between your fingers and look at it comfortably. Comfort is perfect! If you have plenty of room, you’ll want to narrow your tail more a bit.


When you close your jacket, your collar should be standing flat on your chest. If you are bent or falling forward, then you need another jacket. Bottom note: The larger your collar cast, the more you will show your alpha man.

The pocket edges of suit jackets must be stitched and usable. The fake pockets that give the appearance of a pocket to be decorated create an ugly image. Jackets with a jacket lid for the sake of giving a pocket image should never be preferred … A quality jacket is sealed with the seams. Before you start using the jacket, you should cut it with a thin scissor.

Suit Trouser

You will not, of course, consider wearing a cheap pair of trousers under a jacket that is carefully planted and sitting on your body. We call it a suit on the name. The pants should be made of the same fabric and the trousers must be sewn with care. Do you think the pants should be straight, or curled? The curled tackle is no longer in demand. Your daughters had to bend their trousers while walking in muddy streets during the time of your fathers. It is a fact that the fashion of the curly pants is born from this necessity … Today, it lost the function of the curly pants.

But I want to draw your attention to one point. Whether your trousers are curled or straight, you should be careful not to see your ankles when you sit down. The better you hide your pants, the more stylish and elegant you look. For this reason, it is desirable that straight-legged trousers are well calculated. While the pants are being rehearsed for their size, they should sit on a chair and check the pants.

If the pants are piled then I would prefer that the crops be curled. Italian style flat pants are suitable for straight legs. In short, piled trousers are suitable for curling legs, flat legs should be straight in trousers…

What to look for

The most important feature suit selection rules in men fashion are that the fabric is 100% woolen. Do not be influenced by the creation of a new fabric type every day. The suit should be made of pure woolen fabric. The woolen fabric breathes, and prevents the body from getting wet. Moreover, it is very durable.

For the summer months you can choose suits made from light fabrics such as linen and poplin. Suits made of 100 percent cotton fabric sweats and avoids close to airs.

For the problem in suit selection rules in men fashion of colors in the suit clothes … There are so many different colors and designs of men’s fabrics that it is not easy to choose between them. If you can only afford one suit in your wardrobe, choose from dark blue, dark lead or classic dark blue-white striped fabrics. Dark blue and dark lead is the most useful colors. It is also very easy to choose shirts and ties for this color dress. In fact, you can renew your suit every year with a few new shirts and ties.

If you have only one suit in your wardrobe, it should not be black. Black is too serious and striking for everyday use. If you wear a white shirt and a black tie, you look like a limousine driver with a black suit! Do not be angry with those who make such an analogy. If you participate as a groom in a semi-formal wedding, it would be correct to wear a black dress.

Rules of Wearing Suit for Men

We will try to express the rules of wearing suit for men, even who mostly struggle to combine jean and t-shirt.

Women always talk about how unsuccessful men are in choosing clothes, and they want to change the men’s closet first. Men who leave their mother’s choices for clothes in their childhood then transfer this duty to their wives.

So, how do the men dress up during this period between childhood and single? Think that even men who can turn Jean and T-shirt combos into a fashion catastrophe wear a suit too!

Here is the handbook of the suit for the gentlemen who always want to look attractive and stylish …

The first and most important rules of wearing suit for men are to wear a dress that fits right on you. You do not need to buy a special sewing suit for this. You can get your ready-to-wear apparel teams to your tailor so they can sit right on you.

First of all you have to understand whether or not you are on the jacket. There must be as much space as you can fit your fist between your jacket and your chest so you can move freely. Your jacket should not be too wide or too narrow.

You can also measure the ideal jacket length with the joint of your thumb. When you wear the jacket, the skirt part of your jacket should come to the joint of your thumbnail and look like a headpiece of your shirt.

In the selection of pants, you should look at how your trousers are poured on your shoe, not for your trousers, but for the length of the leg and for the waistline.

If you do not wear a tie with your suit, then you should be more careful in choosing shirts.  Wide-necked shirts cause you to look like a naked and high school rebel when you wear without a tie. If you do not want to wear a tie, choose small, self-releasing, hard-cuffed shirts. If you do not go to a very formal event you can put a sweater inside your jacket. A thin sweater, especially with a straight up, will create a different style.

Depending on which fabric your suit is made of, the activity you will go to will vary from place to place. Some fabrics are ideally suited for softer and more luxurious uses, while other plain and matte fabrics are more suitable for daily use. It is preferred when going to wedding dresses, night invitations and stylish meetings, which are planted from bright and thin fabrics. Cotton, wool and mat fabrics made from the daily use is also directed.

Cufflinks are the most stylish accessory of the suit. So rules of wearing suit for men include these. If you want to use these stylish buttons, you should get the cuff from the button less shirts. The cufflinks knob doubles the fit of your suit. The cufflinks can also be worn like a jewel that reveals the style or can be used as a piece in harmony with the entire garment.

When you wear Italian suits, you feel better and look more stylish. If you like non-exaggerated suits and are looking for a comfortable suit, then Italian-style dresses are for you!

British-style suits come to the forefront in men’s wear, with different styles, different shapes, and cut-outs of the shoulders. If you want a sharp-fitting suit, you should definitely wear an English-style dress. Especially when slightly thicker fabrics are used, British style suits are ideal for cold winter days.

If your clothes are ironed, you should also wear razors in your clothes. How much is it going on when you choose a suit or is it a bit too much to look at it? Otherwise, the team you choose will either swim in your dress, or you will be trapped.

If you choose a suit with a narrow cut jacket then it is the best type of shirt to fit as a shirt. If you prefer the classic shirt types, your head will turn into bad business, and you will go out of your way. It would be more beneficial for you to choose a model with thin cuts rather than a classic tie for making such a combination.

If you are participating in a very formal event, be careful not to be single-buttoned when choosing a suit, but if you are not participating in a formal one then you can choose one-button suits. With this suit you can dress up in a different air.

Geometric Ties with Men Suits

Around the corner you have the all-important trade meetings. So you are wearing your suit to look magnificent.  Even if you have mastered color theory and exactly which color worked in the community for that given the tie. However you are as surprised about your pattern. A professional place with a more appropriate or pacal is something you do? Finally, you’re going to be willing to geometric tie, and he enters into the meeting almost doubles every man, woman and child. There’s a reason that binds the versatile and can be worn on a number of occasion. However, we here about geometric ties with men suits wearing.

Geometric Tie (alternatively known as silk scarf tie) carries the same meaning of the French word Foulard is believed to have originated from the far East. Repeating patterns, a flower, geometric shapes (squares, diamonds, etc.), it may be isolated spots or paisley shapes. Scarf together, you are looking for a model that again. Scarf silk ties or Jacquard (woven silk ties, woven with patterns with different color thread) or satin or full.

Printed silk can be prepared using (patterns or colors inkjet printing manually applies to print using the print screens). Geometric ties with a darker tone like navy or burgundy colors are more representational. Darker colors usually help to gain trust and intimacy and demonstrate a sense of authority. For more casual events, such as a higher tonal geometric or floral tie paisley tie saw part of is waiting for you and will allow you to be dressed on top of competition. Flowering or headscarf ties, while allowing them to appear professional to offer a comfortable vibe helps!

An evening out, a recurring animal print, as well as a novelty patterned tie head out with your friends on a night out will allow you to return! Recurrent animal print, at the same time injects your personality to wear an outfit a collection of fun way! These bonds, usually refers to a person’s personal interests; Because connecting to a variety of repeated patterns, for sports, among others, is based on a theme such as free time.

Due to the repeated pattern template geometric ties with men suits, shirts and paired an appropriate suit closely. Many scarfs silk tie, helps the patterns very close to each other and are therefore very fine solid or patterned shirts color is best suited for. When matching a pattern rate of critical links and a pattern of narrow strips tightly bound or checkered shirt off like a shirt when you match with the pattern Please note that cause conflict.

Wider spaced scarf a shirt patterned silk ties intact or narrow, for example needle can be worn a shirt striped or micro-strand. Most of the time, this is a more wide range of more colorful, tons of links, helps to and thus versatile. These bonds as a summer or beach wedding also, wear more comfortable you want to track events for a day in a horse race or outside is ideal to meet; While you set your wardrobe with the geometric ties with men suits, while building a couple of sea which is ideal for social and Burgundy silk paisley or admired, as well as recurring animal is lighter or less it would be wise to have your devious conservative tie.