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Importance of Men’s Suits and Colour Matching

The colors well reflect its personality person. There are fashion redirect colors. For example, of this year the colors of pastel colors, brown, black is a classic already. In Europe, in winter is a popular color is white; white sweaters, jackets, there are shoes, using many famous brands. In other countries, usually black, brown, colors such as dark blue were preferred. This year began a little more color diversifying. This year we have seen a little more colored men’s suits.

Bordeaux Men's Suits

Bordeaux Men’s Suits

In men skin color, and color match in suit

For example, you are very brunette you should not use dark colors, you must wear black. Of course, this depends on how you are brunette. If you are a bronze-skinned, in the sun tanned if you have a white shirt is very stylish suit. But if you have a natural swarthiness, if you have a tencel darkness, black, men’s suit, black shirt, or a black dress, never to look nice on you. All closes the your facial features, you are you more brunette and shows more dark.

The blonde men should choose what colors? should choose what colors? White skinned individuals are totally should choose darker colors. Summer and winter, we can distinguish it. The blonde in the winter, I would recommend the colorful, because removes direct skin color to the foreground because they are opposite to each other colors. Whitewhite skinned individuals should not choose white color, must not be used. White and yellow, their facial lines, skin tone, closes the the glitter. Other than that black, brown, dark colors are more pastel, face shape of this type of person, and as the image, ensures that the more prominent.

Brunette Men should choose lighter colors suits …

When we look at the trends in Europe, the colors are going to more striking color in brunette: orange, yellow, red, white … These are among this season, every season preferred dark green and light green in color, men’s suits. This is a color that can not be easy. A lot of men think that it is difficult this color, but in fact, for brunettes male, white-skinned men, is the most useful color. Because green, a pastel colors, as well as a vibrant color. All shades of green, well the brunette male, the blonde man is a color that can be used easily. Red also such still, standing in the brunette blonde nice well. But, there are classic colors for example black suits, not nice much the brunette. White would not be nice much the blonde man, so can summarize. Let’s talk about skin color men’s suits to … The blonde those suits do not be pleasant. Outside the style, the color unified with the face, it looks like skin. This is not nice image. But that skin color, when somebody dressup brunette, comes to the fore. Because men’s suit, not covering the people, just representing the people, are starting to happen. For example, well redskin people, everything can not wear easily.

Especially the colors orange and red tones, for they are the most difficult colors. A redskin people, black and white, is not very nice looking colors. They also like blondes, light-skinned. The blonde white skinned individuals, golden color not use. But they can use colors like orange colors. But you can not do redskin people. Red and red tones able to use colors, but other than that, they do not use very vivid colors. because wear, men’s, off his handsomeness. Because the clothes different itis like you something different. Red, for being the a very apparent colors, you can direct the attention of the counterparties you can captures the color separations. Blond man can not do much about it.

In the Hispanic Male, it is not very apparent but a redskin people can feel it too obvious. So, in dark tones, own color, and facial color brings to the fore the need to prefer. For this reason, I think, redskin men most complementing colors: brown and black. Red skin is a feature, black and brown tones with these characteristics come to the fore and I think it is even more remarkable. With clothes, instead of covering it, more to the forefront, is required. Some people, in different effort himself …

A lot of men do not give up, unfortunately, to be a imitation of someone else. I think this is very wrong. Just because a celebrity is wearing, you too, if you are wearing, you are someone pale imitation. Imitation, starting from clothes, are reflected in the personality. After personality is reflected in your life. Is then reflected in your work life.

White Men Suit

Even though white is the symbol of purity, is never innocent white men in suits. Probablyare the pursuit of one thing: life, love, money, fame or notoriety… There is also a symbol of self-confidence white suit.

Best White Suit for Men

Best White Suit for Men

As I think about wearing a white suit. Primarily not practical, you will eat it carefully, you’ll not press puddles; dry cleaning or something useless, white result. White men’s suit, just like the white Rolls Royce; size of, slightly hick, self-directed, sexuality, and refers to cash.

If a man wearing a white suit, he knows to attract attention. As noted by the person wearing, the person seeing brings the other people to your mind: Ernest Hemingway, Evelyn Waugh, Graham Greene, Mick Jagger, John Lennon, Jay Z, etc…

Giorgio Armani Men's White Suits

Giorgio Armani Men’s White Suits

White suit is a uniform. But the office rather than the street, or the uniform of the café culture. In holiday region lightweight shabby, circulating with linen dress, tanned, handsome are there. Suits, are trademark such as Armani or Zegna. White suit, such must be worn.

white and black men wedding suit

white and black men wedding suit

The mafia bosses, in movies usually wear a white suit. “Father” in the film, such as Fanucci … of the blood red, is a completely different effect on the white. In movies or novels, going overseas, British or American men do wear white suits. Michael Herr ‘s Vietnam War told by the book, “dispatches”, the American CIA types, Saigon’s in the cafe, sit and read the white suit, for example. Musicians from rappers to rockers as well, one white suit fans. Their part of the work is to draw attention though. Really wanted to take care of, and you are a man who want to stop the traffic, certainlyYou must wear a white suit.

“Lawrence of Arabia” After receiving movie in Oscar, and Best Actor after the candidate must have hit the ceiling Peter O’Toole’s ego. The first job is to get himself a white suit, and then had to get a white Rolls Royce.

One of the most favorite story: “The Great Gatsby”. And of course, he had not seen for five years, while the opposite Daisy, Gatsby’s white suit to wear, is no coincidence. Was planned. Gatsby, with white suit, good and pure man, he wants to show that.

white summer men suits

white summer men suits

In the mid 70s, the film gives a different meaning to the white suit, “Saturday Night Fever”. The person is John Travolta. New York in the 70s, disco circulating the suburbs, a man’s style, from the British colony, think that might be ridiculous. His costume, source of inspiration, were mobsters. Is interesting to note Travolta, an Oscar nominee for the first time, while suit was white dress; The second nomination “Pulp Fiction” in with black-suited character won the right.

Of The Modern Timethe most recognized white suit fan, American journalist and writer Tom Wolfe. Around 40 Pieces, with a white suit, Wolfe, when asked why he wore the white suit, “1960, I made to myself a white suit. and I noticed how people’s nerves, “he says. The author, is partner Norman Mailer said: “Continuous, especially in New York, suit wearing white men are an idiot.”

Ralph Lauren White Men Suits Spring 2012

Ralph Lauren White Men Suits Spring 2015

Wolfe, from time to time, is a metaphorical meaning of the white suit, rebellious, and the playfully sides, it represents, he said: “I have a crisp white car, intra white. The ceiling is covered with synthetic white. Seats, white leather, wheel rims, and tire sidewall, white ‘I spend so much time on the highway, I cause attention? “I thought.” Wolfe’s really about that likes attention, we agreed I suppose.

Today’s most popular series, “Lost” as a part of, “White Suit” dubbed a character familiar. Jin, father in law, Paik’s, to do the dirty jobs, while the “White Suit” guiding him with him. White suit, as you know here purity and goodness indicator course no.

A white suit is just right for a business trip to an exotic country

A white suit is just right for a business trip to an exotic country

“Tom Sawyer” creator Mark Twain, always the white suit he wore everywhere. Almost always seen in a white suit, he must be the only man. Except the Pope. In 1906, the cause of the white suit wear, journalists, he explained: “A man, when the 71 years like me, somber clothing, it is pushed to the depression, I think … Light-colored clothing portrays the soul.”

Twain, author likes to shock all those around him. The white suit, using this purpose, it may be subject. That many men in those days, in summer, white, linen, suits, wore, but Twain, in the winter months, started to wear. Some of his most noteworthy people on the planet, was says. Twain was like this image.

In the last 10 years of his life, if you look at the photo, which wear nothing but white suit can have concluded. But, says that those who knew him closely, in fact, did not always wear white men suit. To photographed, to guess where he was going that way. You can see the intellect in man; 100 years ago, in popular culture, understand the importance of image, he behaved accordingly.

Celebrity Men Suits Brands

Every season, what we wear is determined mostly in Milan and Paris catwalks. Hence, is indispensable to a man’s wardrobe, the suits, each season, is influenced by the interpretation of the designers.

Lanvin Unveils Pre-Spring 2015 Men's Collection

Lanvin Unveils Pre-Spring 2015 Men’s Collection

Many world-famous fashion giant, in suits, boring job in our lives, change to get some, in order to animate, has already started to work.
That’s brands and features:

Ermenegildo Zegno

Both varieties, and both quality and, using fabrics attention, makes it one of the leading brand. Prepared without compromising its classic lines, the new collection, this year, in winter, silk fabrics were used. Sewn with silk-cashmere fabrics, suits, in Milan catwalks, longer, and with the high-waisted version, in front of us. One of the surprises; used in the waist belts pants, emphasizing the waist elevation.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani presented the new season jackets models, predominantly highlighting the shoulders, trousers model also gave place to a narrower cut. Two-button, shawl collar, double-breasted jacket, striped suits, we can say that the favorite of the collection. This season again, we will see often, one of the men’s suits; striped suits. Lines, especially black, gray and navy blue tones, with shows itself.

Burberry Prorsum

Reflecting the brand’s classic lines, suits, British “hourglass” reinterprets the silhouette. fumed tons of men’s clothing, the wardrobe “classic” for the parts to be designed.

Dior Homme

Look like the new collection of the brand’s chief designer Kris Van Asscher, of the future, the suit, which would be a imagine, thinking people. In the new season, slim silhouette finished with a sporty look. for example; button instead, with zipper closing, and supported with buckled belt, sports jackets, met with black and dark blue tones.

Bottega Veneta

Hollywood’s “Film Noir” period, influenced, black-weighted, a collection of preparing the designer Tomas Maier, jackets used by the lapels, shiny materials, vaguely plaid patterns, short and secret-breasted jackets, with the gentlemen without compromising on style, a different offers an alternative.

Paul Smith

One of the most interested in with color designers Paul Smith. In the new season, intimate relation of with the colors continues. The designer of the new collection, “crow’s feet” even the patterns, giving color; colored jacket with of pleated pants, and combine them. This means a sense, the suit “team play”, to disrupt in a fun way. Farm implements that appears extremely elegant and classic Paul Smith suit, in fact, in the bright, silk lining, due, found life. If you want to try something different, three-piece suits Byard is for you.


Ricardo Tisci, the collection that want to give a special for planting image, at first glance to be recognized, contrary to the design, gives place. In the new collection, collarless, and lapel jackets, and fumed and shades in the foreground.


Frida Giannini as well like Paul Smith, one of the designers of winter colorize. Gucci’s collection in red, green and baby blue tones, is meeting with plaid pattern suits.


The brand designer Alber Elbaz, before the fashion show, “Fashion is proportionality” saying, in fact, had given us a clue how would offer suits. Two-button and double-breasted, jacket, stone color, suits, draws attention with its large forms and brevity. Jackets looks like a great body, with baggy trousers, complemented.

Ralph Lauren Black Label

Affected by the Italian clothing, Ralph Lauren Black Label silhouettes, sharp lines, narrow cut, single button specializes in models. Also bespoke tailoring, jackets for of the person to complete comply with them, between the standards.

Richard James

British tailor Richard James shop founded in 1992t. And since then, for the brand and stylish suits, the cut, and without compromising stance. Impeccable elegance, and even undeniable modernity, won by targeting applause.


Canali produces suit in Italy since 1934. Comfortable and, at the same time, extremely perfectly, durable, and to create a stylish men’s suits, tailoring and luxurious fabrics come together is the purpose of this brand.