Suit Selection Rules in Men Fashion

When it comes to men’s wear, the first thing that comes to mind is the suit. Today’s man does not lose the importance and value of a suit, although he prefers to be comfortable and to dress according to his own taste rather than adhere to the traditions. Even if it seems to be forgotten from time to time, there must be a suit that is kept for important days in the wardrobe of every man.

There are two types of men: those who wear suits every day, and those who wear suits at funerals or weddings. Keep some clothes in your wardrobe; you should be careful about their quality. The clothes those are even more handsome than they are a quality suit. Never forget that. Do not forget that a suit that is badly sewn and does not fit the body will show a painful image of man.

Even though there is not much formality in society anymore, I think there should always be at least one suit in every man’s wardrobe … Weddings and funerals, realities of life … So one day you will have to buy a suit.

The one most important suit selection rules in men fashion is that it does not change much over time … If you have a quality suit in your wardrobe and you take good care of it, you can use it for years.

Shoulders are very important

The most important detail of the suit is the shoulders. You ask why? I’ll explain immediately: Creating a suit is actually an art. You take a two-dimensional fabric and transform it into a three-dimensional object. In fact, it is a statue created by sewing. The place where the muzzle combines with the armpit is the most important deterrent for the fit of the jacket to the body. A well-worn jacket, the shoulder, is placed under the seat from every point. If the arm is not fully conformed to the shoulder, as you move your arm, the jacket shrinks and wrinkles around the shoulder.

Make sure the shoulder stitch is finished at the end of your full shoulder. You should never have your fluffy shoulders, just like the uniform of a soldier, everything should be seated. Men usually say their measurements are bigger, do not. Are you saying 42 for your size? Try 40. In order to learn even your exact measure, go from small to large, so you can get the exact fit.

If the jacket is a garment, it is very unlikely that arm and shoulder will fit together. If you will not choose tailor made clothes for yourself, you should try to choose the best ones.

Buttons and Buttonholes

Your jacket must have been made of bone or other natural material. Plastic buttons are damaged by the dry cleaning process and can be disintegrated in a short time. It’s not that hard to understand whether the buttons are plastic or bone. Plastic buttons do not differ in color and tone, they also look very bright. The color difference is noticeable in the bone buttons.

A well-worn jacket is clean, smooth and tight. Once you have hooked and unzipped the button of the jacket several times, it becomes possible to get used to the button. The buttons must be large enough to cover the marrow. Attention should be paid to the careful preparation of the buttons and buttonholes to ensure that the jacket has an excellent appearance.

Once you’ve knocked off your jacket, put your thumb between your fingers and look at it comfortably. Comfort is perfect! If you have plenty of room, you’ll want to narrow your tail more a bit.


When you close your jacket, your collar should be standing flat on your chest. If you are bent or falling forward, then you need another jacket. Bottom note: The larger your collar cast, the more you will show your alpha man.

The pocket edges of suit jackets must be stitched and usable. The fake pockets that give the appearance of a pocket to be decorated create an ugly image. Jackets with a jacket lid for the sake of giving a pocket image should never be preferred … A quality jacket is sealed with the seams. Before you start using the jacket, you should cut it with a thin scissor.

Suit Trouser

You will not, of course, consider wearing a cheap pair of trousers under a jacket that is carefully planted and sitting on your body. We call it a suit on the name. The pants should be made of the same fabric and the trousers must be sewn with care. Do you think the pants should be straight, or curled? The curled tackle is no longer in demand. Your daughters had to bend their trousers while walking in muddy streets during the time of your fathers. It is a fact that the fashion of the curly pants is born from this necessity … Today, it lost the function of the curly pants.

But I want to draw your attention to one point. Whether your trousers are curled or straight, you should be careful not to see your ankles when you sit down. The better you hide your pants, the more stylish and elegant you look. For this reason, it is desirable that straight-legged trousers are well calculated. While the pants are being rehearsed for their size, they should sit on a chair and check the pants.

If the pants are piled then I would prefer that the crops be curled. Italian style flat pants are suitable for straight legs. In short, piled trousers are suitable for curling legs, flat legs should be straight in trousers…

What to look for

The most important feature suit selection rules in men fashion are that the fabric is 100% woolen. Do not be influenced by the creation of a new fabric type every day. The suit should be made of pure woolen fabric. The woolen fabric breathes, and prevents the body from getting wet. Moreover, it is very durable.

For the summer months you can choose suits made from light fabrics such as linen and poplin. Suits made of 100 percent cotton fabric sweats and avoids close to airs.

For the problem in suit selection rules in men fashion of colors in the suit clothes … There are so many different colors and designs of men’s fabrics that it is not easy to choose between them. If you can only afford one suit in your wardrobe, choose from dark blue, dark lead or classic dark blue-white striped fabrics. Dark blue and dark lead is the most useful colors. It is also very easy to choose shirts and ties for this color dress. In fact, you can renew your suit every year with a few new shirts and ties.

If you have only one suit in your wardrobe, it should not be black. Black is too serious and striking for everyday use. If you wear a white shirt and a black tie, you look like a limousine driver with a black suit! Do not be angry with those who make such an analogy. If you participate as a groom in a semi-formal wedding, it would be correct to wear a black dress.

Right Suit Shopping in 5 Steps

Did you know which the right suit for your body type is? How do you check your body measurements while wearing a suit? Here you will find how you do right suit shopping in 5 steps!

Every man should have at least 3-4 different suits in his wardrobe. Not only in business, but in fashionable invitations, when choosing the suits you will rescue, find the right model for your body, the first rule in the suit of the suit. So before you make your choice, you should define your body type, take your body measurements correctly and make final checks. If you think these are going to happen, we will give you the answers that you are looking for to the right suit shopping in 5 steps.

1. Know your body type

The first step is to emphasize your strengths and reduce your weaknesses to the minimum by knowing about men’s body types and choosing a suit that matches your body type.

Let’s start with what we should pay attention to for the big boys. Thin fabrics, dark colors and vertical lines will show you as thin as you are. Tall and thin men should prefer light colored models with more heavy fabrics and 3 buttons in their suit clothes. Finally, short-haired men should also avoid over-patterned models, preferring vertical-striped models and showing them longer than their length. In the selection of trousers, there is a benefit to go for low belle.

2. Learn suit types

Suits are generally gathered under 3 types. So the right type is very important and within right suit shopping in 5 steps The first is a type of a suit with a shoulder strap, stitched jacket, waist thin and narrow, pocket wingless and non-tearing Italian cut suit. The second is the seamless, flat, flat, pocket-winged and double-slit British cut suit models without shoulder stitching, jacket collar. The third is a model with a light shoulder, a jacket collar with stitched or seamless, flat cut, pocket wing or wingless, single-slit American cut suit.

3. Attention to fabric

Even if you want to wear clothes in fabrics like linen or cashmere in hot weather, woolen suits are indispensable. There are numbers on the suit clothes that show how thin the fibers are. The higher this number is, the more fibers are threaded, so the fabric is so thin and smooth.

4. Most important detail: Measures

The most important thing men should be aware of when buying a suit is to take the correct measure. You need to know your chest and arm dimensions so that the suit will fit right on you. Stick your arms on your side and ask someone to wrap the bouquet around your chest. You can also measure your arm from your shoulder for arm length. If you want your suit to fit on your suit pants model, you will have to measure your waist and legs. By wrapping the grapevine around your waist, your waist can be measured, and you can get your leg neck by measuring from the crotch to the ankles.

5. Final check

The last thing for right suit shopping in 5 steps is the final check. It’s enough to pay attention to a few details when you wear it to see if the suit you’re wearing is the right model for you. First of all, it is necessary to stand 6.5 mm above the shirt collar of the suit collar. Another detail is arm control for the suit jacket. If you lift your arms up from your head, the jacket should not be lifted and should only show 1.2 cm of the sleeve of the shirt. Finally, when you wear your trousers make sure that the waist is fully seated and that you do not make pots in the groin area. At the same time, make sure that the back part of the trousers is straight down without making any pots, so that it will fit on the shoe top.

Shedding Light to Men Suits

The only thing that every man should have is a suit. The dress acknowledges the expiration of the duration of the ability to withstand permanent retains the charm and suggestions about what we should look at what you can buy your own.

And now, the best of men battle dress, jewelry, dresses, and styles and we will be shedding light to men suits and men suits style.

Without the suit, men never they wouldn’t have an attractive style. Style in the hierarchy, the only leverage a man is a proper suit. For everyday use, even in this sad age, the suit is still no success, taste, and carries an air of sophistication. To look better, to break boundaries between social classes, a little man or a fat man rich with soft wool tall pinstripe, are designed to make. Team restaurants, trains, dinner parties, good looks or Paris; in short, anywhere you want to.

To start us off in a suit approached as a general rule should be observed, and most of those generally apply to dressing well:

The suit, regardless of style, must be very close to your body. This and all of the parts to be cut must be adapted to your form in the proper manner. Surprisingly, this does not require a lot of money, but the power to ignore any saccharine takes a look and the compliment from the vendors.

Trends have a shelf life of from six to eighteen months. If you plan to allocate your suit in this window, retired, feel free to make the splurge. Otherwise, significantly shop.

Suits are made of wool or cotton and their variations. Additional fabrics do not apply. You interesting, confident, a very valuable person you are. Others, it’s not the tag on the jacket.

It’s not a suit jacket with jeans or chinos, goes with the pants. Assuming the absence of investment banking, you do not need ten suits; you only need four. In this way, a customer saves your time and you can be remarkable, then you can keep the gear in good condition (dry clean once a year, then the losses is more for yourself, you can’t dare to drop anchor).

The Fab Four

Standard blue: Work, lunch, summer dishes that are perfect for parties or ordinary. It can be worn with black or brown shoes, or even it could even be white if you dare. Reflects well by a pool. Standard blue, navy and shades of navy blue are appropriate.

Classic grey: convenient to everything and give an attractive and professional image. Start with a flat, switch to the window pane. Even so, it is not disputed gray never.

Black suits are basic: Black suits are favorable almost for all events like dinner, wedding etc. and it is perfectly complement with shirts especially white shirts. If there’s only one team, this is it.

The Jacket

So we continue to shedding light to men suits The color you have chosen, and you are ready to form. The first coat comes. Pants was purchased for a team that never was, and then worn again and again. The pants are easily adjustable by a tailor, jackets there may be only small improvements. Think of true love: in the first place, right, even though it is a blow as the French say a slight should approach it with excitement.

First, is it a single-breasted or double? Both styles are suitable for most body types, although single-breasted slim jackets, double-breasted jackets with wide range of powerful appearance. This “skinny &” or “fat” does not mean being; therefore, the “breasted” use the term. Select the style of jacket that you can fill in the best way – from there, you’ll always look your best.

Single-breasted jacket for those prefer how many you will need to select the button. A? Two? Perfect. And popularity is returning. Three? In the recent past, although it was definitely good and something he wanted very much, now total market saturation was approached.

The Trousers

Now you should choose a style pants. In the history of men’s pants, there was a trend dealing with few of a good thing: bell-bottoms, “cargo transportation”. Unfortunately, all of the teams at the end he was going to this style.

Men usually awarded to the pants from the jacket. To be a man, we want control of how they look – “How do they work?” He thinks, but not too much. Therefore, no arm cuffs or headed to discuss. The problem is what he thinks a man of his pants. We’re not going to help you other than to say: cuffs are older, is handcuffed. You choose based on your own image.

The next question comes the question of pleat: only once wool pants, single-pleat case, you will be prompted for the pleats. The situation, your pants are constricting rather than being sharp and well-packed should appear. What is the difference? Recently, consider a pair of trousers from the dry cleaners.

After the pylons cuffs and waist, swish, drape, belt loops, ass twisting, shaking and you need to worry about whether or not you need a spoon to save time. This is our proposal beyond. Suffice it to say, the towel hooks are probably your ass, although not treated as such, than the marble. Pants, a scarf in the breeze as you fly should fly.

Finally, a seller usually will ask whether you want to buy two pairs of pants for the team. The idea here is that you can alter the pants with the jacket so they hang evenly over time, but the pants can be easily destroyed, because you will always have a spare pair. This is like an electronics store trying to sell you insurance in the shops an air conditioner; if you have the money, this is not a bad idea, also it’s not necessary.